Immigration Policies Should Become Easier, Not Harder: FECCA

Immigration Policies Should Become Easier, Not Harder: FECCA
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The Australian government should make the immigration process easier, not harder, for people who want to settle here permanently, according to Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia.

The Turnbull Government announced some of the biggest changes in decades to the citizenship standards earlier this morning.

Permanent residents of Australia will not have to spend nearly four years before they can appear for the ir citizenship test. The questions that will be asked during this test will not include questions such as “under what circumstances can you strike your spouse in the privacy of your own home?” and “Is it permissible to force children to marry?”

The level of English proficiency that will be required will be increased considerably.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) has different view on the matter. It has stated that the government should extend a helping hand to aspiring immigrants in place pulling it back.

Joe Caputo, chairperson, FECCA stated that we should facilitate and make it easier for people to become part of the Australian society rather than making it more difficult and putting more hurdles before them.

People who come here and want to become permanent resident of Australia contribute towards the development of economy and they participate in various social activities. By making the process of Australian permanent residency difficult things will not get any better.

History is evident that Australia has always created opportunities for people from outside to settle here permanently. It is because of this reason Australia is one of the countries in the world that has the most diverse culture.

The measures announced by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Mr Turnbull is being viewed from another angel. Some people say that these changes are being planned to target Muslims.

This viewpoint was immediately rejected by Mr Dutton, stating that these changes are not being planned to target any community.

There will be opposition from some groups, but it looks like the Australian government will move ahead with its planned changes. It is certainly not a welcoming news for aspiring immigrants who want to make Australia there permanent home.

A better option is available in the form of Canada that still welcomes immigrants with open arms.

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Canada’s Immigration System May See Further Changes

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From 19th November 2016, we may see new rules in the Express Entry immigration system. However, this will not be the end of adjustment process.

A press release was issued by the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on November 14 in which some short term changes were outlined.

Some changes were announced last week, including: points will be given to certain job offers without a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to workers in Canada, candidates who obtained education in Canada will also be given additional points, and candidates with a valid Invitation to Apply (ITAs) will have longer period to apply for Canada permanent residency.

According to the press release from IRCC, the latest changes are part of a series of improvements that are being planned by the government of Canada. The purpose is to make immigration system more responsive and fair. For the middle class, it will ensure long term economic growth and will take care of emerging requirements.

The Liberal government of Canada had stated previously that benefit will be given to candidates who have experience or connection in Canada.

Stay Proactive

As per the statements made by the government, changes are being made constantly to the immigration system of Canada. These changes are being made not only at the federal level but also in all the provinces as well, in their respective Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Enhanced PNP categories changes and / or open on an ongoing basis and are aligned with the Express Entry system. Candidates, who apply for these PNP have the chance of being given 600 CRS points, as a job offer from a Canadian employer only gives 200 or 50 points.

The need for candidates to remain proactive is highlighted by the fact that Express Entry system is all set to undergo changes and the same can be expected for various PNPs.

The immigration minister of Canada has stated that the government is changing rules to attract highly skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. A better immigration system is the key to strengthen our society and economy.

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Canada Has Impressively Low Crime Rate

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Which is one of the most important factors that determines on how livable a place is? Apart from the fulfillment of basic necessities, it is the crime rate of a country that ascertain as to how livable a country is. The more the crime rate of a place, less will be the number of people who will want to live there.

In other words, if a country wants to become as one of the best place to live in, than it will have to keep a strict check on its crime rate. Canada, which is one of the best places to live in the world, has markedly low crime rate.

It has been found that Canadian people are committing less crime and this trend has gone down ever since 1962. Here we take a look as to why and how Canada is able to keep check on the crime rate in the country.

A primary reason that has been cited for the low rate of crime is the age of people who are living in Canada. A good percentage of people who are living in the country have turned old and because of this reason the crime rate is low there.

The law and order of the country is quite strict and working people are more occupied with their work and family matters that they have little time to indulge in any other activity. The fact that the crime rate of Canada is quite low has resulted in unprecedented growth in its economy and there is huge demand of people who can work and contribute towards its growth.

In case you want to immigrate to a new country for a better life and living standard than Canada is the best choice for you. The economy of Canada is growing and above all there is huge demand for working professionals, in almost all the areas.

But, immigrating to Canada is not easy. First you will have to show that you are proficient in their local language, which is English and French. You also have to show that you have sufficient experience and educational qualification to be hired by a company in Canada.

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WWICS Chandigarh Complaints

WWICS Chandigarh Complaints
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Canada’s Aging Population A Big Problem – Wants to Increase Immigration

Conference Board of Canada has come with a new report in which it has been stated that the level of immigration need to be increased to more than 400,000 per year to meet the requirement of economic growth of Canada. The report has highlighted the challenges that have been posed by the aging population in Canada.

It has been reported that significant changes in policies are required to give a boost to immigration as in coming decades the costs required to support retirees will not be fulfilled by Canada’s economy.

Proposed Scenarios

Four scenarios have been proposed in the report concerning the population growth of Canada. Among all the scenarios, one thing is common, and that is to increase the level of immigration. It has been stated that the present birth rate of 1.6 births per woman is not enough to support the economy.

Strongest economic growth will only result when Canada is able to bring in more than 400,000 immigrants every year by the year 2030. This is the only way to increase the population of Canada to 100 million by the year 2100. This will ultimately result in sharp increase in the output from Canada in the long run.

As the proposed immigration plan is achieved, it will result in better revenue generation both at the federal and provincial level. As the population will increase, it will also result in greater spending and circulation of revenue.

It has also been revealed in the report that in case there is moderate growth in immigration, and there is a shift in younger demographics, than the impact on the fertility rate in Canada will be significant. More families mean more children for future generation.

Increase Immigrants with Working Age

The report has stated that as the population of Canada is aging, it is putting more pressure on the social welfare system. Immigration may not solve the problem of aging population completely, but it will certainly lessen the side effects.

As the working population of Canada is increased through immigration it will cushion out the effects from aging population. It is a good time for you to plan and immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada is making plans to welcome new immigrants in the best possible way.

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Illegal Immigration: Crucial Information For California

Illegal Immigration: Crucial Information For California
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The nation has been ripped by the storm of illegal immigration. California tops the list of state with highest number of illegal immigrants. Certainly, not an accomplishment that one can be proud of. A lot is at stake on how the public policies are framed to address the issue that is at hand. A brief user friendly report has been put forward by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC). This report puts out facts that we know about illegal immigration in California.

A new PPIC series has been started with the view to provide accurate and helpful information on issues concerning illegal immigration. The first edition of the series makes effort to provide answer to the following questions: how many illegal immigrants are there among the workers that are there in California? How many of these illegal immigrants have become parents while residing in United States? What Californians feel about the illegal immigrants?

Some crucial findings:

  • Nearly 7% residents of California are illegal immigrants
  • More than half of Californians, nearly 60% want illegal immigrants should be given work permits.
  • Only 4% of people working in United States are illegal immigrants – which is almost half to 7% that are working in California.
  • According to a finding, the number of illegal immigrants coming to the country is more than the number of legal immigrants.
  • Only a small percentage of Californian residents (9%) say that illegal immigrants are a problem for the state. This percentage of people varies in different regions, with 47% Californian residents disliking illegal immigrants.
  • The overall effect on fiscal due to immigrants living illegally has not been determined reliably yet.
  • The topic of illegal immigrants is being talked about by everyone. However, studies have shown that the effect on employment and wages has been miniscule because of them.
  • Illegal immigrants are usually paid low wages and because of this reason high tax revenue is not generated by them.
  • There are a number of illegal immigrants who never collect benefits even though they regularly pay social security taxes.

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Obama’s Immigration Case Turned Down by Supreme Court

Obama’s Immigration Case Turned Down by Supreme Court
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Obama administration has received a set back from the US Supreme Court wherein a request to reconsider a major immigration decision has been turned down. The request was to reconsider a plan under which millions of undocumented immigrants will be sent out of the country.

The court has also decided not to hear thousands of petitions that had piled up at the time of summer break. Some of the big cases that have been rejected include a campaign finance investigation in Wisconsin, the Washington Redskin’s trademark and the one concerning what college athletes may earn.

As has happened earlier, the court did not consider it important to give reasons as to why the cases have been turned down. The Obama administration presented the immigration case for rehearing as it met a deadlock in June.

There was a 4 – 4 deadlock as the immigration case was heard in the court last time. This meant that the plan to deport millions of undocumented immigration will be carried forward.

The Supreme Court bench has nine members in total, but when the immigration case from Obama administration was heard, there were only 8 members at that time. Due to this reason a deadlock was reached.

The administration presented the case again as it felt that this matter carries great importance and because of this reason it should be heard with full nine members in the Supreme Court. It has been acknowledge by the administration that the immigration case is in its early stage and it is possible that it will reach the court again.

The immigration case is something on which life of millions of people depend. In case it is decided to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, than it will definitely create huge amount of job opportunities for the local people and for those who want to immigrate to US in a legal manner.

It is not possible to judge the amount of contribution that is being made by undocumented immigrants, as the majority of them do not pay taxes. There is another factor that in some cases, these types of immigrants are exploited by their employers.

But deporting immigrants will slow down the progress of industries, at least for a short while, till the jobs vacated by illegal immigrants are filled again.

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Mexican Senator Questions Immigration Status of Donald Trump

Mexican Senator Questions Immigration Status of Donald Trump
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A Mexican senator has put across a demand with the federal government of the country to find out whether U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump visited the country in August 2016 in a legal manner or not.

Luis Humberto Fernandez Fuentes belongs to the party of Democratic Revolution and in a statement he has mentioned that lighting fast one day trip by Donald Trump on 31st August 2016 may have violated the immigration laws of Mexico. Mr. Luis stated that Trump might have entered the country without proper documentation.

Senator Fuentes highlighted an act article from the Migration Act of Mexico, in which case an alien who wants to enter Mexico. US residents do not have to apply for visa if they plan to visit the country for less than 180 days, but they will have to submit their passport.

Mr. Luis wants to know whether Trump went through all the proper channels in order to visit Mexico. He also wants to know whether he had the permission to land his personal jet at the presidential hangar.

He asked that it should be made clear to the general public of Mexico whether Trump was given any special permission to enter the country and what were the reasons given to grant this special permission?

The visit of Donald Trump to Mexico has caused controversies both in United States and Mexico as well. The fact that he went straight to Phoenix, Arizona from the Distrito Federal has caused much concerns everywhere.

During his trip, Trump highlighted his claim that Mexico will pay in full for the wall that is to be built between United States and Mexico. He said that Mexicans do not know about it yet, but they certainly will pay for it.

What all Donald Trump has been proposing till now is more of a marketing gimmick than a reality. It is quite difficult if not impossible to send back all the 11 million illegal immigrants that are living in America.

The plans that are being proposed by Donald Trump is completely opposite from the image of United States that has always been. It has welcomed immigrants with open arms all the while.

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Requirements for USA EB-5 Program

Requirements for USA EB-5 Program
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United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) have stated certain specific requirements that are required to be fulfilled by foreign investors in order to obtain permanent residency under the USA EB-5 visa program.

To begin things, an investor must be able to make a minimum amount of investment in a new business startup or in a business that already exists. Along with this, there is minimum amount of job requirement that needs to be fulfilled.

It should be made sure that the project in which investment is made is qualified to receive funds through EB-5 investment program. Under this program permanent residency is given to the applicants along with their spouse and children below 21 years of age.

How Much Investment is required in EB-5 Program?

An applicant of EB-5 visa is typically required to make an investment of 1 million or half a million dollars in a commercial enterprise in the United States. The investment made can be in the form of tangible property, secured indebtedness, equipment, inventory cash or cash equivalents and the value of the property is evaluated according to the fair-market value of US.

Permanent residency can be obtained by making an investment of half a million dollars in a commercial enterprise that is situated in the targeted employment area (TEA). This investment should be in an area where there is high unemployment or in a rural area.

When we talk about high unemployment areas, reference is being made to locations where the rate of unemployment is as high as 150 percent at the time when the investment is being made. Rural areas are the areas that lie outside the main city and have a population of 20,000 or more.

Requirement of Job Creation under EB-5

USCIS calls for the generation of employment, at least 10 full time jobs, in order to be approved under the EB-5 investment program. These jobs are supposed to be created in the next two years after the investor has received conditional permanent residency.

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Canada Immigration: Tips to Improve Your Ranking in Express Entry Pool

Canada Immigration: Tips to Improve Your Ranking in Express Entry Pool
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The Express Entry system was introduced by the government of Canada from January 2015. The previous system served the applicants on a first-come first-serve basis, but in express entry system the government created a pool of the candidates based on a comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

This new immigration system has made it easier for candidates to obtain permanent residency of Canada. An aspiring candidate should understand that having enough points to enter the pool is something different than having enough points to be sent the invitation-to-apply (ITA).

How Points are distributed in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)?

A candidate is given CRS points based on his / her level of education, work experience (both in Canada and abroad), abilities in English and French, whether the applicant has job offer from a Canadian employer, or whether the person has been issued a nomination by a province under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Certain factors fetch more points than the other. In case the person has a job offer or a nomination from a province than 600 points are awarded straight away. 40 Express Entry draws have taken place till now, out of which 35 draws have been such where candidates were issued ITAs even if they did not had nomination or job offer.

Increasing CRS Score

There are ways through which you can improve your ranking under the Express Entry Pool. For example, you can work on your language proficiency and improve it from intermediate level to higher level. This will give you more points in the CRS and improve your ranking too. There are some factors which have the potential for improvement; however, there are others where no improvement can be made.

Work experience in Canada is given more value than experience had outside Canada. A candidate who has up to 2 years of experience in a field is given 25 points. For an additional year of experience, an additional 25 points are given to the candidate. The same rule applies to candidates who have obtained work experience from Canada.

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World’s Overlook Countries for Second Citizenship

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Are you bored living in your country? Are you seeking more enjoyment and travel and looking for a better quality of life?

Well, if you have as little as $100,000 as you can purchase citizenship of a small, tropical Caribbean island that will fulfill all your above aspirations. The more the money that you are able to spend the better the country you can live in permanently.

Most of the people look towards Canada, United States and United Kingdom when it comes to making investment and obtain permanent residency. However, there are lists of countries which may not look big enough on the outside but are good option to invest and live in.

St. Kitts and Nevis

It is easy to understand the concept of cash for citizenship. The concept applies well to two Caribbean Islands where you can become legal residents in just few months. The smallest nation of Caribbean Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis is tempting to would be citizens not only for its swaying palm trees, tropical breezes and white sand beaches, but also for providing visa free access to nearly 130 countries and no personal income tax.


Dominica is another perfect destination to consider in Caribbean Islands in case you have less money to invest. You should not be confused by this place with Dominican Republic which is running its citizenship by investment scheme since 1993. By making a deposit of just $100,000 to the National Bank of Dominica people can earn citizenship of the country.

The approval is given in only eight weeks from the date of filling the application provided the person is of outstanding character and has basic level of English. From the time, this visa program has been rolled out; more than 2500 people have obtained citizenship by investment.

Antigua and Barbuda

The third Caribbean Island that allows citizenship by investment is Antigua and Barbuda. An applicant will have to make a contribution of $250,000 to the National Development Fund of the country or make an investment in the real estate industry to the tune of $400,000. What an applicant will get in return is visa free access to nearly 120 countries including Canada, France and United Kingdom.

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Small Cities Rank High In the Best Places to Live in Canada

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Alberta and the suburbs have come out big in the ranking list made by MoneySense for the best place to live in Canada. The suburbs of Edmonton of St. Albert have been judged as the best place to live in Canada.

This ranking list was made on the criteria of house prices, household income, unemployment rate, crime and weather. In a question put up by Money Sense it is been asked as to how city with a population of just 64,000 people on the one end of Edmonton can turn out to be the best city in Canada.

There are many indicators and reasons that support this decision. To begin with, the unemployment rate of the city is just 4% couple that with falling crime rate and the income per capita of the country is at the highest, all these are strong points which push this city at the top of the list.

When we talk about the weather of the place, the place remains sunny around the year, but the winter of the place can be really cold. It has been argued by Money Sense that small cities are increasingly becoming better places to live in.

Major centers and satellite communities have helped small cities in evolving to the par of big cities. It is because of these reasons these smaller cities are the best places to live in Canada, which up till now has been the best kept secret.

All the three top spots for the best cities to live in Canada have been taken up by Alberta. This means that being close to a good economy also helps. It also goes on to show the economic divide that is growing on between the rest of the country and that province.

When we go down at the bottom of this list, we see a name that can be said to be worst place in Canada to live in. the city that comes into limelight at this spot is Port Alberni on Vancouver Islands, which has been placed at the 201st position in the list.

This list indicates to immigrants that small cities are also good places to live in Canada. In case you want to immigrate to Canada than you can take the expert assistance from WWICS complaints cell. This global resettlement service provider has helped thousands of people to settle permanently in Canada.

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Canada Announces in Manila To Boost Immigration

Canada Announces in Manila To Boost Immigration
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John McCallum, the immigration minister of Canada has given strong hints new steps will be taken to give a significant boost to immigration and stretch it way beyond its present level. These new measures, according to McCallum, will be directed towards fulfilling the labor needs of Canada.

The immigration minister was there in Manila, Philippines on August 12, when he made the statement. He highlighted the fact that the population of Canada is aging shortages of labor looming large. The Liberal minister was talking in Philippines before the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

To counter the problem of aging and labor shortages we are thinking of increasing the number of immigrants that are coming to Canada. This is precisely what we are going to do.

At present a large number of applicants applying for Canadian permanent residency are from Philippines, as per the latest data published on May 31 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

It was also stated by immigration minister that the processing time for granting a visa in Philippines has also reduced to half, to around 12 months. This means that people can reunite with their family much more quickly.

Earlier, McCallum was there in Beijing, China, where he made the announcement that more visa processing offices will be opened up there in China. This has been planned with the objective of attracting highly skilled workforce to Canada.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau and his government has already planned to bring in nearly 300,000 immigrants in 2016. In case this number is achieved, and in all likelihood it will, than it will be the highest number of immigrants that will be called in a year.

The immigration plan for three years that has been chalked about John McCallum is part of the bigger plan of Liberal government to grow the economy and bring in more innovation. This plan will be unveiled by the government in this fall season.

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Visitors to Canada from Visa-Exempt Countries to Submit Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Visitors to Canada from Visa-Exempt Countries to Submit Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
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A selected group of visitors to Canada will have to undergo a mandatory pre-screening test starting from September 26, 2016. Visitors to Canada from visa-exempt countries will have to apply for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they depart for the country by air.

A requirement has been highlighted that eTA applicants should disclose their information in place of talking to third parties, friends, employers or other organization. It is quite likely that third parties may not be aware of the history of the applicant, which among various other things may also include prior criminality.

Any person who wants to visit Canada will have to designate a person or party who will complete the eTA application on his or her behalf. In case a person does not disclose relevant information on the eTA application, than such a visitor will run the risk of a legal action being taken against him.

This may not only result in the person being banned from entering Canada, but the person may also be asked to serve a long term ban from entering the country. For instance, an individual may book a flight from a travel agency and make sure that he also gets the service for completing eTA application.

At the time of filling eTA, a visitor will have to mention his or her passport number, something which a third party should also have on file. These measures are taken with the objective to counter terrorism, which is one of the biggest problems plaguing the world.

What is an eTA?

The eTA system has been developed to make it stress free for visitors from visa-exempt countries to come to Canada. They are required to fill an online application form before they depart for Canada. This short online form is only for individuals that are from visa exempt countries and want to visit Canada for a short period of time.

The short online form will ask things about medical issues and criminality of the individual along with questions related to immigration history. From September 29, 2016, before boarding their flight to Canada, all travelers from visa exempt countries are supposed to file for eTA.

People from non visa-exempt countries will have to apply for a visitor visa before they are eligible to come to Canada. In case you want to reside permanently, than you will have to apply for Canada PR. All information related to Canada PR can be had from WWICS complaints cell.

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Hillary Clinton Proposes to Not Deport Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

Hillary Clinton Proposes to Not Deport Thousands of Illegal Immigrants
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Hillary Clinton, the democratic presidential candidate has made her most ambitious announcement till date. This announcement is related to immigration reforms in which she expresses that she will end deportation of thousands of immigrants who are living illegally in the United States.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was quick to respond on the matter stating that the plans that are proposed by Mrs. Clinton will be harmful for the country and it is just to please the voters. Clinton was addressing the National Association of Black and Hispanic journalists when she made the announcement.

Clinton stated that she will legalize billions of immigrants that are living in the country within the first 100 days of her administration. She asked the potential voters to voting for the Democratic Party and for her to bring them in power.

She assured her potential voters that once voted to take the office she will be on a fast track move to implement her plans. She proposed that millions of immigrants and their families who are living in the country will not be thrown out of the country once the Democrats take the office, as opposed to Donald Trump who proposed to deport illegal immigrants immediately after she is voted to power.

It is clear from the statements that are made by Hillary Clinton that she will follow the footsteps of President Obama in implementing the immigration reforms. Deportation of nearly four million Americans was held back by the Supreme Court during the Obama administration in 2014.

The ruling was sent back to the lower court. It is quite likely that Hillary Clinton will appoint the ninth justice of the High Court which is still vacant and that will help them get the decision according to their requirement.

She promised that she will not stop fighting till the time she sees the bill on immigration is being passed. The Clinton campaign was, however, not available immediately for comments. The plan to legalize all the immigrants that are living in US is quite motivating and supportive for thousands of families that are living in the country.

These people will get new rights and they will be contributing towards the growth and development by paying taxes in the legal manner.

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Donald Trump in Controversy Again On the Topic of Muslim Immigration

Donald Trump in Controversy Again On the Topic of Muslim Immigration
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The easiest way to become famous is to raise a controversy. This is what Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee has been doing to gain attention across the United States. Whether it is proposing to bar Muslims from coming to the country or building a wall that divides US from Mexico, Donald Trump knows all too well how to remain in the news and being the subject of people talks.

Labeling a religion, that it is bad, just because a handful of people have turned violent, is not at all justifiable. In the latest happening, Donald Trump raised controversy by annoying the parents of an American Muslim soldier who died in the Iraq war.

What is more, instead of apologizing from the parents, the Republican nominee decided to remain silent or give reasons to justify what he has said. This act from Trump has attracted criticism from his own party people, but as undeterred and stubborn he is, he cares the least what others think of him.

Immigration is one of the biggest, if not the leading, issue in the race between Donald Trump and congress nominee Hillary Clinton to become the president of United States. Only time will tell as to who secures the seat of the president.

It is not certain yet whether the citizens of America vote for the hardliner Donald Trump, or more soft hearted Hillary Clinton. Both the candidates are polar opposite to each other when it comes to the policies that are being proposed by them.

Looking back at the history, both these presidential candidates should understand that a perfect balance needs to be maintained when it comes to framing immigration policies. Discrimination should not be made based on the religion and cultural belief of a person. An individual should be judged based on his or her personal abilities when it comes to granting immigration visa.

Settling in a new country is a life changing experience for a person. The person who immigrates brings the technical expertise and knowledge to the work where he or she is employed, along with bringing in cultural diversity to the place.

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WWICS Bangalore – 755 Candidates Sent Invitation to Apply in the Latest Express Entry Draw

WWICS Bangalore – 755 Candidates Sent Invitation to Apply in the Latest Express Entry Draw
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WWICS Bangalore

Do you want to apply for Canada’s permanent residency visa? Do you want to immigrate to Canada?  Have you prepared your file to apply for Canada PR visa? In case you are still waiting that someone will come and help you out than you are wrong.

Just pick up your phone now and call WWICS, a global leader in resettlement service provider that has helped thousands of people to obtain Canada visa and settle in their dream country permanently.

In the latest news update from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), invitation to apply (ITA) has been sent to 755 new candidates in the 39th draw that happened on July 27, 2016. The cut off for the points required under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) was at 488.

The news for receiving the ITA must have brought a smile on the face of the selected candidates as they will now be in a position to apply for permanent residency for Canada. When they get PR of Canada, they will be able to take their family members, which include your common-law-partner or spouse, and dependent children, to a new place and a new life, which holds lots of promises.

The CRS cut-off in the latest draw was in line with the earlier draws that have taken place in the past few months. There are various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that are run by provinces in Canada and attracting candidates for Express Entry.

Obtaining the required points to be selected under the express entry system requires careful preparation of your visa application file. Canada immigration authority does not accept any mistake at the time of granting permanent residency visa.

When you take the assistance of WWICS in preparing your Canada visa application file, then the chances of approval increase considerably. All the documents are prepared as per the requirement framed by IRCC and the application form is filled in the right manner.

The process of getting Canada permanent residency is quite complex and the rules related to it keeps on changing. WWICS keeps track of the latest changes that are taking place in the immigration system and prepares your Canada visa application file according to that.

Whatever your query may be related to Canada visa, you can ask them from WWICS complaints cell. You will get the best guidance that is suitable to you.

Numerous clients leave their feedback which can be seen in WWICS reviews section.


UK Still One of The Most Preferred Destination for Immigrants

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Immigration authorities of every country go through a complex set of procedures. Rules related to immigration are updated regularly and an aspiring immigrant needs to keep track of these changes in order to apply for a visa successfully and increase the chances of approval.

Recently, UK elected their new prime minister in the form of Theresa May and as soon as she took her office, one of the first things she did was to bring changes in the immigration department and the policies that are followed by UK.

Just few days back news came out that UK is preparing to change its immigration system to a point based one, similar to the one that is followed by Australia. UK, which recently decided to move out of the European Union, is still in the process of restructuring itself.

There is no doubt that, UK has a strong economy and is one of the most sought after destinations in the world by immigrants. The progress of the country has not slowed down in any manner even though the political condition is not up to the mark at present.

In case you are looking forward to immigrate to UK and have become worried by looking at the political situation that is present there right now, than you should be rest assured that the progress of UK will keep going high WWICS.

The high living standard, ample work opportunities and all the facilities that UK gives to its resident will continue to remain the same. UK, at the first place is only opposed to illegal immigration that is happening.

Experienced, competent and qualification people who have the potential to make a difference in the economy of the country are still welcome there. So in case of worrying, just contact the WWICS complaints cell and put forward your questions on how you can fulfill your dream to immigrate to UK.

If you have the potential to invest a good some of money, than you will get the opportunity to live and work anywhere in UK. This special facility is available under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, which gives you the chance to settle in UK along with your family.

To know about the complete details on how you can apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, you can get in touch with contact WWICS complaints cell and know everything about this program.

There are many people who have settled happily in UK because of the wonderful and dedicated work done by WWICS. Know what ex-clients have to say in the WWICS reviews section.

Mid-Summer Express Entry Update

Mid-Summer Express Entry Update
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The immigration authorities of Canada had been quite busy in the past few weeks with four draws taken out from the pool under the express entry system and new changes were made in the provincial nominee program. Let us take a brief look at what has happened till now.

Since June 1, Four Draws Have Been Taken Out

From June 1, invitation to apply (ITA) has been sent to more than 3,000 applicants to apply for permanent residency of Canada. During this time period, the requirement of minimum points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) has gone down to 482.

In every draw nearly 740 – 780 applicants were picked up and sent invitation to apply. People who want to apply for Canadian permanent resident visa and want to immigrate there should note that the requirement for CRS points have gone down during this period.

People who received the ITA will be able to apply for permanent residency for Canada and can take their family members with them too. The government of Canada set the target to process these applications within a period of six months.

British Columbia Selects International Students and Skilled Workers

British Columbia has invited people under a range of categories to apply to immigrate to the province. A number of applicants who were invited by British Columbia included people who were already there in the Express Entry.

Students who have studied in a college or university in Canada are also eligible to apply for immigration to British Columbia under the express entry. This provision is not limited to students who have studied in colleges and universities in British Columbia.

New Occupation List revealed by Saskatchewan

Some people were surprised when 500 new applications were invited under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) when the program reopened earlier this summer. What surprised everyone is that no announcement was made before the program was opened.

The occupation in demand list was also revised and it contained items which were not there previously, including health care, engineering, agriculture, management, IT and trades.

Sudden changes like these takes place at times. It is difficult for you, an aspiring immigrant, to keep track of all the changes. But, worry not, as you can get in touch with WWICS, a reputed global immigration consultant to make your immigration process problem free.

Come with your questions on how to apply for Canada visa to WWICS complaints cell and find the solution. Feedbacks from past clients can be seen in the WWICS reviews section, which tells about the quality work done here.

Canada to Bring Major Changes to Immigration System

Canada to Bring Major Changes to Immigration System
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The present government of Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau is gearing up to bring in new changes to the immigration system that is there at present. John McCallum who is the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship made the announcement as he visited the Peel region.

Some time back the Trudeau government had asked for public opinion on what changes they want to bring in to the present immigration structure. The visit to Peel by McCallum was part of the consultation process that was held by the government across the country.

The Liberal Party had promised at the time of 2015 election campaign to bring in essential changes to the immigration policies. The latest moves are in part to fulfill what was promised by the government.

The minister was in Mississauga and Brampton to discuss matters related to Canada immigration with stakeholders and local members of the parliament. One of the many things that were discussed included expediting the process of family class immigration.

2 Years Is A Big Gap To Enable Families To Reunite

McCallum stated that the government is working towards sorting out the issue of delay in granting the family class visa. The government is committed to bring down the processing time in this business visa category. According to the present structure, it takes nearly two years for a wife to reunite with her husband who is working and living in Canada.

By streamlining the working procedure and improving upon the operating time, the Liberal government plans to make the process more lean and efficient. In the coming fall season, changes will also be brought to skilled and family class Canada visa, along with visitor’s visa and economic category.

International Students in Canada Can Easily Become the Permanent Resident

Markham-Thornhill MP stated that the government of Canada wants to make the process of admission of family class and economic immigrants more efficient and also wants to make it easy to take in refugees.

It will also be easier for international students to become a permanent resident of Canada said the MP. The government proposes to make the process of becoming a permanent resident of Canada easier than that of other countries like USA, UK and Australia.

Those who want to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis can get their queries answered at WWICS complaints cell. These people are experts in Canada immigration services. You can take a look at WWICS reviews which contains feedbacks from the clients that have been served by it.


Some Harsh Decisions Expected on Immigration from Britain’s New Prime Minister Theresa May

Some Harsh Decisions Expected on Immigration from Britain’s New Prime Minister Theresa May
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The new prime minister of Britain, Theresa May, went to meet the Queen and she did not wasted any time in making her cabinet. Now, the question that lies ahead of us is how she will take the Brexit stance that is taken by Britain.

Now, Britain has a prime minister who voted for the country to remain in the European Union, but now she will be guiding the country to move out of the European Union.

For the past six years, Mrs. May had been working as Home Secretary and was in charge of the crime policy, passports, immigration and counter-terrorism. Mrs. May is famous for taking hard stance on any policy.

In a recent statement the new prime minister of Britain mentioned that Brexit means that we are going to work alone and we are going to make a success of it.

There will be no walk back on the decision taken by the country, which means Britain is all set and geared up to leave the European Union.

She made it clear that she will make Brexit a success and she promised to come out with the best deal in moving out of the European Union.

Theresa May is not a lady who can be taken lightly, for she has already shown her prowess in beating all the major campaigners including Boris Johnson who was his former ally and Justice Secretary Michael Gove.

Talking about the actions taken by Theresa May on immigration, she was the one who barred British people from bringing in spouses and children unless they earn more than $32,000. This ruling has affected nearly 15,000 children since 2012.

She also made the ruling that non-EU immigrants who have been living in the country for less than 10 years can live here permanently only if they earn $70,000. Now, as she is at the top of the affairs, we may expect to see some further movements on her part.

She stated that the Brexit vote has given them a clear indication about what the people of Britain want and that the freedom of movement will not continue in the same manner as it had been going in the past.

In case you are looking forward to immigrate to UK, than you can contact the WWICS complaint cell. They will guide you in the right manner through the complexity of settling down in UK.

The good work done by WWICS  can be seen in the feedbacks that are left by its clients in the WWICS reviews section.

3 Reasons to Apply for Canada Visa

3 Reasons to Apply for Canada Visa
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Few weeks back when Donald Trump won the presidential nominee race, thousands of US citizens started searching for ways to immigrate to Canada. Now, as Britain has decided to move out the European Union, numerous British people are doing the same search.

The common thing in these searches is that both of them are searching for immigration to Canada. So what makes Canada as the most preferred destination for immigrants? Canadian people are famous for their hospitable and friendly nature, and the government of Canada lays lot of emphasis on bringing in more people as immigrants.

The wide open spaces and breathtaking scenery attracts thousands to come and settle in this country. The current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is a versatile personality and has been winning fans across the globe. Here are some more reasons as to why you should apply for Canada visa in case you are looking for a better life.

Bug Free Place

The air of Canada is fresh and is free from various types of bugs or insects. When you will immigrate to Canada with a permanent residency you will enjoy a healthy living environment. This means that there will be good health for you and for your family as well. The majority of the cities are fully developed and there is little or no dust.

Cost of Living

When it comes to meeting our daily expenditure in Canada, one will find that this country is not expensive to live considering the quality of life that is provided there. The country offers numerous facilities to its citizens and permanent residents. Even though the government charges various types of taxes, but it returns that back in full in the form of different types of facilities.

Housing Market

Just like any other developed nation, the housing market of Canada is expensive too, but, only in densely populated countries. The rate of properties in less populated areas is normal just like any other place. What this means is that one can think of purchasing a homes after few years of working.

In case you have made up your mind to immigrate to Canada, than the best consultant to prepare your file for Canada visa is WWICS. With more than 2 decades of experience and thousands of cases successfully completed, WWICS is a national leader in global resettlement solutions.

Read the WWICS reviews and know about the happiness and delight of its clients. For any question related to Canada visa, contact the WWICS complaints cell today.

Illegal Immigrants Are A Burden On The Economy of New Country

Illegal Immigrants Are A Burden On The Economy of New Country
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History is evident that alien workers have played an important role in the development of US economy. As and when the topic of illegal immigrants comes out, people express lots of emotions of different kind. Many local people put up the argument that when a foreign worker is hired a local person is left unemployed.

These people do not understand the fact that the government allows to employ a foreign worker because appropriately qualified candidate for the job is not available locally. Another reason for hiring a foreign worker is that the progress of the company was hampered due to insufficient manpower.

The government of any country is not worried about legal immigrants who are coming to the country. What worry any government are the illegal immigrants who are coming to the country. A legal immigrant is called in a country because there is requirement.

On the other hand, illegal immigrants force their way into a country. Above all, these people do not pay any taxes and they send their earned money out of the country. This means that illegal immigrants are a complete burden on the economy of a country.

When you decide to immigrate to a new country, you should make sure that you do so in a legal manner. In case you are searching for a global immigration consultant who can help you out in the immigration process, then you can take a look at WWICS reviews.

WWICS reviews that are given on the website of the company are the feedbacks put in my ex-clients of this company. This will give you a picture on the type of quality service that is provided there. When an aspiring immigrant passes through the complex and cumbersome process of immigrating to a new country, there are many questions that come to his mind.

Special WWICS complaints cell has been formed to take care of these queries that erupt in the mind of people. An aspiring immigrant should have all the information that is related to immigrating to a new country. This information will help the person in settling down in a proper manner in the country of their choice.

You should never hesitate in asking any type of question when you are planning for immigration. Call WWICS complaints cell today and get your queries answered. The professionals working here have good amount of knowledge and they have considerable amount of experience.

Only trust a genuine and trustworthy global resettlement service provider like WWICS when you apply for immigration visa. Check out the feedback given by people in the WWICS review section.

Immigrate With Ease To Canada Through WWICS Expertise

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The immigration laws followed by every country are different from the other. These immigration laws refer to the policies that are followed by the government of a country to allow people to enter their country and settle there. The laws that are prevalent in a country depend on the economic and political conditions present there.


WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) has helped thousands of people in immigrating to their dream country and live a successful life. In case you want to know the complete detail on how to immigrate to a country you can contact WWICS complaints cell.


Countries where there is shortage of manpower and the local population is aging fast then they make welcoming immigration rules and invite large number of people. One example is that of Canada. The local population is aging there and the rate of birth is almost on the decline.


This creates the need to bring in people from outside the country who can contribute to the development of the country. Read the WWICS reviews to find about the quality immigration consultancy service provided here.


International immigration laws applies when a person want to travel to another country as a tourist, to work or as a permanent resident there. When we talk about immigration, then there are various factors that lead to it. The most prominent factor is that of economic immigration. Better wages, employment opportunities, education standards and better lifestyle are the pull factors that attract people to immigrate to Canada.


Know your options on how you can apply for Canada visa and in case of any problem you can contact WWICS complaints cell. There are many benefits of taking the service of WWICS global resettlement service provider. The first thing is that you will not have to fill the complex visa application form on your own.


These people are providing immigration service for many years now and they are also aware of the current regulations. This means your Canada visa application form will be filled by them in a way that increases your probability of approval. You can read WWICS reviews and find out that clients were really happy that they took the service of this global resettlement service provider.


The third benefit of taking the service of WWICS is that they also provide post-landing services. In this a new immigrant is helped in accomplishing all the mandatory requirements to live in a new country. WWICS works in the best interest of its clients and work towards their complete satisfaction.


In case you are finding it difficult to immigrate to Canada, just call an immigration consultant at WWICS now.

Canada Is The 4th Most Welcoming Country For Refugees

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When it comes to applying for a visa for a particular country one of the things that we see as to how welcoming the local people of that country are. In case the local residents are not welcoming then it becomes really difficult to settle down in a new country.


In case you have any query relation to immigration you can easily contact WWICS complaints cell. A survey was conducted recently and the results showed that Canada is the 4th most welcoming country in the world for refugees.


This goes on to show the kind of service that is followed by Canada and the immigration authorities there. 27,000 participants took part in the survey and they were asked to answer some basic questions. The answers were ranked on a scale of zero to 100. By obtaining 76 points Canada was at the fourth position. You can get more information and your questions will be satisfactorily answered at WWICS complaints cell.


Canada followed China, Germany and the UK who obtained 85, 84, and 83 points respectively. Among all the respondents who replied, nearly 80% came out with positive answer and stated that they will welcome refugees in their country with open arms and they are willing to take them in their homes.


In case you are planning to apply for Canada visa and looking for a trustworthy immigration consultant then you can check out the WWICS reviews. The survey was carried out with the objective to find out the mood of local people towards refugees who are coming to the country.


The results of the survey prove that it is only the government and authorities who are making things difficult for refugees who want to enter the country. The local people, on the other hand, do not have much of a problem with refugees. In case you have any question on how to immigrate to your country you can easily check out WWICS reviews.


The open door policy for immigration is one of the distinct features of Canada and thousands people have successfully settled in this country. In case you have any question related to immigration to Canada, please feel free to contact the WWICS complaints cell.


These people are experts in assisting people who are applying for immigration to Canada. They have considerable amount of experience which spans more than two decades. Thousands of people have already been assisted by them in settling in the country of their choice.


Plan Your Future With Immigration to Caribbean Islands Through WWICS

Plan Your Future With Immigration to Caribbean Islands Through WWICS
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Do you want immigration to a wonderful place where there are lots of tourist places? Immigrating to Caribbean Islands has many benefits. The first thing is that the process for obtaining citizenship of Caribbean Islands is done in few months. Moreover, there are numerous business opportunities, particularly in tourism.


Antigua Barbuda Citizenship


Investors can obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda when investing money to purchase a property or make a donation. One of the main benefits of immigration to Antigua and Barbuda is that you need to be physically present in the country only for 5 days in the initial 5 year period.


You can go through WWICS reviews to find out the benefits of immigration to a new country. People who get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship can travel without visa to nearly 130 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and Canada.


Antigua has regular flights from UK, USA and Canada which are the key tourist markets for the place. After immigration to Antigua, you can run your own tourist business. When WWICS complaints are received where find it difficult to get a business immigration visa, Antigua and Barbuda are two promising options.


St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship


St. Kitts and Nevis are two small islands in West Indies. The climate of the country remains enjoyably cool throughout the year. The place is connected well to all the major countries of the world. After you get immigration to St. Kitts and Nevis, you will be able to travel visa free to nearly 80 countries.


Majority of the aspiring immigrants want to resettle only in developed nations. There is nothing better than that. However, immigration to Caribbean Islands is very beneficial as well. There is considerable amount of tourism business in these countries as well-known businessman, famous singers, movie stars and other celebrities spend time here as tourists.


You can contact WWICS and know how you can get immigration to Caribbean Islands. You can check out the WWICS reviews to find out the quality service that is provided here.

Steps to Avoid Immigration Fraud

Steps to Avoid Immigration Fraud
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Immigration to any country is filled with lot of stress and difficulties for many people. The procedures and rules that are followed are quite strict and one has to fill out various types of complex forms. Aspiring immigrants often look for assistance to help in the immigration process.


Unfortunately, things are made more difficult by some unsavory businesses and individuals, who take advantage of the situation and fetch money from people through fraud. It is for this reason; one should take a look at WWICS reviews to find out how they can save themselves from an immigration fraud.


Only use A Certified and Reputed Immigration Consultancy Service


Make sure you take the service of an immigration consultant like WWICS. Hire someone who has good reputation in the market and has been providing this service for quite some time. Many WWICS complaints have been received that a person went to an unknown immigration consultant and became a victim of immigration fraud.


In certain circumstances it has happened that an aspiring immigrant is charged for providing immigration forms. It should be noted here that these forms are from government and are available free of charge. An immigration consultant can charge you for helping you in filling out the immigration form. You can check out WWICS reviews for the quality service provided by it.


Omitting Important Information to fill out a form


A fraud immigration agent may ask you to not to disclose an information on the application form. In case the immigration officer finds that important information has not been mentioned, then your application may be denied. By going through WWICS complaints you can find out that many applications have been denied because of this reason.


The good thing about the globally renowned immigration consultant WWICS is that it has only followed true and genuine means to immigrate people to their dream country. There are many thousands of people who have already settled in their dream country through the assistance provided by WWICS.


Come to WWICS today and take consultation from a consultant here and find out how you can get visa for your dream country.

Fraud Immigration Agent Take Advantage of Your Vulnerability

Fraud Immigration Agent Take Advantage of Your Vulnerability
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What is the one reason for so many immigration scams coming out? It is because you are vulnerable. You show that you can go to any extreme to immigrate to your dream country. It is accepted that you need to have deep desire to achieve something. But, you should know when to draw the line to prevent misuse of things. You will never come across such WWICS complaints as only genuine methods are used by it.

Embassies follow a proper channel before they grant a visa. There is no way we can force them to move things faster or it ignore anything. Any immigration agent who claims that they can get you a visa quicker than normal, they are only making false claims. This is one of the techniques used by immigration agents to get more money from you.

You show vulnerability when you express your desire that you want to go to a given country only. You may say that you only want to immigrate to Canada only or to UK only, even if you do not qualify. In such circumstances you become vulnerable. The immigration agent says he can prepare fake documents for you, but he will charge extra money for it.

Many people like you, who have strong desire to immigrate to a particular country, agree to such proposal instantly. You sell your property or other assets to pay for the extra money asked by the immigration agent to prepare fake documents. WWICS reviews shows that only genuine procedure is followed here.

In majority of the cases such fraud are caught and the person is barred from applying for immigration forever or for a period of time. In case the case passes through, which is very rare, there are strong chances to be caught later on.

When an embassy notice of a fraud activity, they become stricter when they handle other cases in future. This means the process of evaluating an immigration application become tougher. We should not forget that it brings bad name to the home country.

You can check WWICS reviews and see only authentic means are used by it. They never encourage a person to immigrate to a particular country. They go through the profile of an aspiring immigrant and advise for the best country to immigrate according to the profile.

In case you have any WWICS complaints, you can directly contact the complaints cell of the company and get the problem solved.

Can You Trust On A Non-registered Immigration Consultant?

Can You Trust On A Non-registered Immigration Consultant?
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100% guaranteed visa!

Get work permit with everything paid for including air ticket and other!

Rejected cases also welcome.

Exorbitant and hard to believe claims are part of the push strategy employed by many immigration consultant to lure new clients.

Just walk in to their office or talk to them, and within no time you will get a feeling that you are already in your dream country.

It cannot be said that all these claimers create an empire for you solely in air, but it is also true that, not each one of them can be trusted blind folded.

The first caveat emptor is when some unbelievable claims are made by an immigration consultant. When you are promised something that is difficult to digest, yet mouth watering, then instead of jumping on it straight away, just conduct some background check.

Start your check by confirming whether the immigration firm / individual concerned is registered or not. As per a recent finding, of the numerous firms operating in and around Mohali, only handfuls are registered.

The identity of a non-registered firm is a hoax and they are not bound by law and other norms. Take some time out to check WWICS review to find out more.

There is another angle to it. There are some consultants who show fake registration documents. You have to check carefully to make sure the company is genuine.

Thing is, you can never be sure of such things. At the end of the day, it is best to lay your trust on the famous and global immigration service provider WWICS.

One of the key features of WWICS working is that it does not make tall claims out of nowhere.

Your case will be analyzed on an individual basis and you will be suggested what is in your best interest.

You are made aware of your probability of failure and success, taking into account your individual profile.


Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS

Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS
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All skilled workers and professionals looking to immigrate to Canada in a hassle-free manner can trust the world’s largest immigration group WWICS. With record number of people already settled in Canada through the company, the clients are also provided post-landing services with help of associate firms in the country.

The Canadian office of the company facilitates all clients and keeps a tab on them even after settlement and special barbeque luncheons and other events are planned from time to time. We encourage the clients to interact with each other and share their experience. Immigration is a new experience and can be quite harrowing with a fraud company that is not licensed.

WWICS is a licensed firm and we encourage clients to only provide us authentic documentation. We do not take liability for the documentation submitted by client but verify it and only process cases once we are satisfied.

“We are living in Canada for the past six years and thanks WWICS for being there for us at every step. They have never left our side and we are connected with them even now. Keep up the good work,” says Selja Sharma, a happy client.

The Complaint Cell of WWICS gets many queries regarding fraud practices of immigration firms but we believe in transparency and keep our clients updated at every step. Canada is one of the best countries to live in and WWICS will help you in settling down with ease and placement services are also provided for those in need.

WWICS Review Come to WWICS and maximize your chances of settling down in Canada.

WWICS Provides Hassle-free Immigration Services Globally

WWICS Provides Hassle-free Immigration Services Globally
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WWICS the world’s largest immigration group, has a legacy of helping lakhs of individuals to settle down in the country of their choice. The hassle-free services provided by the professionally trained staff at WWICS ensure that the clients are provided all assistance at every stage. The company does not just provide immigration services and forgets the clients.

Once the client settles down in the destination country, WWICS is there for them at every stage thereafter. We provide post-landing services also and our associate companies ensure that clients are cared for.

The fraud companies target WWICS clients from time to time and try to lure them. There are times when a person is not able to get his visa due to his own shortcomings or some changes in regulations of the immigration authorities of destined country. This does not mean that WWICS is a fraud. WWICS ensures that if a client is not able to clear one category, they try to help the customers find a suitable program that can help them.

WWICS Reviews provides the assurance that the company is licensed and works only for genuine clients.

No fraud has ever been tolerated and the committed and devoted services have helped WWICS serve the customers to satisfaction. There are thousands and thousands of clients who are testimony to WWICS and they review us on the basis of services provided and there are many customers who come to us due to their reference.

To ensure a great future, WWICS is there for you.

Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants

Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants
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India is having thousands of visa and immigrant consultants and while some of them are registered with the government, there are many are not licensed. A majority of visa consultants are not registered with the government and are fake and a complete fraud. Most of such immigration consultants do not have any qualification or experience in the field but are just into the business for looting genuine people.

There are many advertisements and outdoor advertising done even by non-licensed immigration firms and so the people need to be cautious. Agents charge exorbitant fee from their clients and make fake promises just for making money and end up playing with emotions of people.

There are very few licensed immigration companies in India and Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) is one of them. We are a licensed immigration firm and our staff and associates are members of CAPIC, ICCC, PHDCCI, CII, FICCI, ICBC, APIECM, IACC and MARA. Also, WWICS Senior Directors Devinder Sandhu and Parvinder Sandhu are members.

We advise all immigrant aspirants that only get their cases processed through genuine immigration consultants like WWICS to ensure fulfillment of their dreams of settling down in sought-after destinations including Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Europe. WWICS is not a fraud and we take pride in realizing dreams of thousands of people worldwide for more than two decades.

Best Immigration With WWICS

Best Immigration With WWICS
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WWICS LOGOAll aspirants who plan to live in the destination of their choice have the golden opportunity as this is the right time to get permanent residency. WWICS, the world’s largest immigration company, has been providing Global Resettlement Opportunities in some of the world’s best countries including Canada, US, New Zealand, UK, Australia and countries in Europe for the last 22 years.

WWICS offers the best customized immigration programs for professionals, skilled workers, business persons and students.

  • Fastest ever Canadian Immigration for permanent residency of skilled workers with Express Entry Program
  • Professionals and skilled workers are in high demand in Australia under SkillSelect Program
  • Business Immigration opportunities in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe and Caribbean countries
  • Study in Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe

WWICS has a global track record of over 1,00,000 happily settled clients. It has a global presence With International Offices in Canada- Toronto, Australia- Sydney, UAE- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar- Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman- Muscat, Kenya- Nairobi & India- 16 Offices.

The WWICS success story is owed to the thousands of successful individuals who are settled in some of the most-sought after global destinations.

Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality

Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality
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Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality

From the very inception, Worldwide Immigration and Consultancy Services (WWICS) strived to build a goodwill based on integrity, transparency, and highest ethical standards. It has withstood the acid test of time to emerge as the largest player in the immigration industry.

Today, WWICS is one of the eminent contributors to have brought positive changes in the ever-changing immigration sector. WWICS Group is the world’s largest Global Resettlement Solution provider for having successfully settled more than 100,000 professionals, business persons and students in various destination countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This indeed is an evidence of the absolute commitment and dedication that WWICS has invested to serve the society over these years.

WWICS Group has a global presence with offices in Canada – Toronto, Middle East – Dubai, Mazaya, Sharjah, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Muscat, Kenya – Nairobi, Australia – Sydney. In India, the company has over 16 Branch offices covering almost all states.

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Immigration Alert: Fast track visa options to settle in US, Canada

Immigration Alert: Fast track visa options to settle in US, Canada
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Relaxed qualifying criteria and achievable language benchmarks or educational qualification come at a cost

If you are looking to relocate to the US and Canada, there are several investment and permanent residency pathways that can help you live and work overseas.

Options for businesspersons and investors looking to settle down in these countries with the best way possible to get a residency in their country of choice have been listed by a Dubai immigration consultancy, WWICS Immigration Consultants.

While the fast-track business and investment programs are no doubt faster and hassle-free ways to immigrate, they include being able to invest the required amount and meeting the criteria of these respective countries.

“What makes the business programmes worthwhile is the fast track process of getting a Permanent Residency with relaxed qualifying criteria, reasonable investment and easily achievable language benchmark or educational qualification,” says BS Sandhu, Chairman and Managing Director of WWICS Group of Companies.

The United States

Under the business resettlement programmes for USA, the EB-5 Investor Visa is the best way to get a USA Green Card.

One needs to invest an amount of not less than $500,000 (Dh1,836,474) in one of the Government Approved Regional Centres of America.

The purpose of the EB-5 Programme is to promote the immigration of people who can help create jobs for US workers through their investment of capital into the US economy.

The programme is based on promoting immigration of people who invest their capital in new, restructured, or expanded businesses and projects in the United States and help create or preserve needed jobs for workers by doing so.

In the EB-5 Programme, immigrants who invest their capital in job-creating businesses and projects in the United States receive conditional permanent resident status in the United States for a two-year period.

After two years, if the immigrants have satisfied the conditions of the EB-5 Programme and other criteria of eligibility, the conditions are removed and the immigrants become unconditional lawful permanent residents of the United States.


The Quebec Investor Programme is considered as one of the best programmes for settling down in Canada. To qualify as an investor, an individual must have a net worth of at least CAD$1.6 million (Dh4,195,453), have managerial experience and willing to make a refundable investment of CAD$800,000 (Dh2,097,505) for a period of five years.

Financing is available through Canadian financial institutions. Provincial Nominee Programmes also offer a chance to get permanent residency of Canada with family.

The Quebec Investor programme is passive in nature, meaning that individuals selected under its auspices are not required to establish or actively manage a business in the province. Rather, the programme requires an investment of CAD$800,000 into a prescribed (government guaranteed) investment.

Applicants must have the intention of settling in the French speaking province of Quebec. Successful applicants are issued a selection certificate from Quebec, which allows them to obtain Canadian permanent residence following health and criminality examinations by Federal immigration authorities.



High Court throws out challenge to Nauru offshore immigration detention; Malcolm Turnbull vows people smugglers will not prevail

High Court throws out challenge to Nauru offshore immigration detention; Malcolm Turnbull vows people smugglers will not prevail
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7136990-3x2-340x227The High Court today threw out a challenge to the Australian Government’s immigration detention centre on Nauru.

The case was launched by a Bangladeshi detainee on Nauru who was brought to Australia for treatment and later gave birth to her daughter in Brisbane.

Lawyers for the woman argued that it was illegal for the Australian Government to fund and operate detention centres in a third country.

Mr Turnbull told Parliament the Government would consider the judgement, but noted that it upheld the existing framework as “legally and constitutionally valid”.

He said that the framework had kept Australia’s border secure and prevented drownings at sea.

“The people smugglers will not prevail over our sovereignty,” he said.

“Our borders are secure. The line has to be drawn somewhere and it is drawn at our border.”

During the High Court case the Government changed the law to close a loophole in the funding arrangements, which it feared could be undermined by the challenge.

Today a majority of the court’s bench found the current government arrangements were valid under the constitution.

Justice Michelle Gordon, the most recent appointment to the bench, issued the lone dissenting judgement that the laws rushed through in June were invalid.

Before the decision, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton flagged his intention to send a group of 160 adults, 37 babies and 54 children currently in Australia back to Nauru, should the Government win.



What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration

What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration
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What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration

Iowa’s electorate may be the first litmus test of American voters — but it is far from representative when it comes to immigration issues, according to a pro-immigration technology lobbying group.

Presidential hopefuls Monday were mobilizing their supporters into the final stretch of the Iowa caucuses, a crucial first step on the way to clinching a nomination from one of the major political parties. But the anti-immigration rhetoric that fired up voters in mostly white Iowa may not carry through to other states, Todd Schulte, president of, told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” on Monday.

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Continued pressure on DHS to monitor social media in visa investigations

Continued pressure on DHS to monitor social media in visa investigations
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The Homeland Security Department on Friday faced another call from Capitol Hill to incorporate the monitoring of social media platforms into the background checks of visa applicants.

In a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and top department officials, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that not reviewing publicly available social media posts was “willful blindness” and “negligence. Continue reading…

Barack Obama Denouces ‘Inflammatory’ Donald Trump Immigration Policies

Barack Obama Denouces ‘Inflammatory’ Donald Trump Immigration Policies
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WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama denounced the immigration policies of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday, without naming him directly, in a speech to Latino political leaders.

“The greatness of America comes not from building walls,” Obama told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute anniversary awards gala. Continue reading…

Harvard’s debate team loses competition to PRISONERS who argued against illegal immigration

Harvard’s debate team loses competition to PRISONERS who argued against illegal immigration
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An Ivy League education just isn’t what it used to be.

A group of New York inmates from a maximum security prison in Napanoch, New York, have toppled Harvard’s prestigious debate team in a debate over illegal immigration.

Defending the idea that schools should be able to turn away students who are children of illegal immigrants, the Eastern New York Correctional Debate Team managed to score Continue reading…