Mexican Senator Questions Immigration Status of Donald Trump

Mexican Senator Questions Immigration Status of Donald Trump
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A Mexican senator has put across a demand with the federal government of the country to find out whether U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump visited the country in August 2016 in a legal manner or not.

Luis Humberto Fernandez Fuentes belongs to the party of Democratic Revolution and in a statement he has mentioned that lighting fast one day trip by Donald Trump on 31st August 2016 may have violated the immigration laws of Mexico. Mr. Luis stated that Trump might have entered the country without proper documentation.

Senator Fuentes highlighted an act article from the Migration Act of Mexico, in which case an alien who wants to enter Mexico. US residents do not have to apply for visa if they plan to visit the country for less than 180 days, but they will have to submit their passport.

Mr. Luis wants to know whether Trump went through all the proper channels in order to visit Mexico. He also wants to know whether he had the permission to land his personal jet at the presidential hangar.

He asked that it should be made clear to the general public of Mexico whether Trump was given any special permission to enter the country and what were the reasons given to grant this special permission?

The visit of Donald Trump to Mexico has caused controversies both in United States and Mexico as well. The fact that he went straight to Phoenix, Arizona from the Distrito Federal has caused much concerns everywhere.

During his trip, Trump highlighted his claim that Mexico will pay in full for the wall that is to be built between United States and Mexico. He said that Mexicans do not know about it yet, but they certainly will pay for it.

What all Donald Trump has been proposing till now is more of a marketing gimmick than a reality. It is quite difficult if not impossible to send back all the 11 million illegal immigrants that are living in America.

The plans that are being proposed by Donald Trump is completely opposite from the image of United States that has always been. It has welcomed immigrants with open arms all the while.

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WWICS Kuwait Review – 77,000 Jobs For Students In Canada This Summer

WWICS Kuwait Review – 77,000 Jobs For Students In Canada This Summer
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WWICS Kuwait Review

When an economy is growing and that too at an extraordinary pace than its biggest effect is seen on the number of employment opportunities that are created there. Canada, as we all are well aware about, is one of the most preferred destinations for immigrants.


The reason for why so many people want to immigrate to Canada is because of the fact that there are numerous opportunities and the living standard of people there is considerably high. The most recent indicator of the strong and robust Canadian economy is given by the number of summer job opportunities that are created there.


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The government of Canada has decided that it will be spending more than $300 million in the next three years or so with the objective to double the number of summer placements that are being done every year. The students in the summer placements will be employed in public sector companies, not-for-profit organizations and small business houses that have 50 or less employees.


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Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS

Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS
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Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants

Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants
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India is having thousands of visa and immigrant consultants and while some of them are registered with the government, there are many are not licensed. A majority of visa consultants are not registered with the government and are fake and a complete fraud. Most of such immigration consultants do not have any qualification or experience in the field but are just into the business for looting genuine people.

There are many advertisements and outdoor advertising done even by non-licensed immigration firms and so the people need to be cautious. Agents charge exorbitant fee from their clients and make fake promises just for making money and end up playing with emotions of people.

There are very few licensed immigration companies in India and Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) is one of them. We are a licensed immigration firm and our staff and associates are members of CAPIC, ICCC, PHDCCI, CII, FICCI, ICBC, APIECM, IACC and MARA. Also, WWICS Senior Directors Devinder Sandhu and Parvinder Sandhu are members.

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