Registration Intake Limit Reached for Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream

Registration Intake Limit Reached for Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream
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The famous Human Capital Priorities immigration stream from Ontario has reached its registration intake limit. This popular program reopened for registration on November, 2nd.

This famous Express Entry-aligned Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) stream forms part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

It is an immigration program run by Canada through which the province can bring in new immigrants who are found eligible to settle in the province and quickly integrate into the labor market.

For the time being no additional registrations will be accepted. OINP staff has, however, confirmed that some more Notifications of Interest (NOIs) will be issued to eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool before the end of this year.

In a statement released by OINP it has been stated that it is at present checking the intake of applications with respect to the limitation in the federal nomination allocation. It is finding out in case more applications can be taken in for this stream.

The working of NOI is similar to that of Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, with respect to the OINP Human Capital Priorities stream, the procedure for getting a NOI is not direct.

It means that immigration authorities in Ontario look into the Express Entry pool in order to find out potential applicants who are eligible.

It is not necessary that a candidate who is eligible for the stream will receive the NOI.

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Temporary Public Policy Introduced by Canada for Foreign Nationals affected by President Trump Executive Order

Temporary Public Policy Introduced by Canada for Foreign Nationals affected by President Trump Executive Order
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Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the government department that looks after immigration and refugee matters in Canada.

IRCC has issued a temporary public policy with the aim to ease certain foreign nationals who have been affected by the Executive Order that was signed on January 27, 2017 by US President Donald Trump.

As per this temporary public policy, foreign nationals who have been affected by the executive order can extend their stay or apply for temporary status in Canada.

Due to US Executive Order, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and Iran citizens are barred from coming to US for a period of 90 days. Indefinite banned has been imposed on Syrian citizens from entering the United States.

The temporary public policy from IRCC comes soon after the press conference from Canada immigration minister Hussen. According to the statement made by Hussen, he gives assurance to those who are stranded in Canada due to executive order to apply for temporary residency in case the need arises.

The Canadian government has taken up measures that will allow eligible foreign nationals in Canada to live and work in the country temporarily in case they do not have any other means of support.

There is no fee charged on the applications submitted for this type of temporary residency.

Applicants are, however, required to give an explanation as to how they are affected and should meet the admissibility criteria of Canada.

Designated officers have been advised by the policy to consider exemption from Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) for foreign nationals from Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Syria.

As Ahmed Hussen, the immigration minister of Canada signed the public policy, he highlighted Canada’s approach to act with humanitarianism and compassion, and this public policy is in line with that.

As per the policy foreign nationals can be given exemption from IRPA regulations as per the following situations:

A foreign national can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) in case he or she made travel arrangement to come to US and is not able to do so. Such individuals should be having a visa and related documents that are required to enter US in normal circumstances. He or she should be eligible to enter Canada except for he or she is not able to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa.

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Canada Offers Temporary Housing for People Stranded After US Immigration Ban

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Canada has showed its generous nature once again towards immigrants. In the latest news update, people who are left stranded due to immigration ban by US President Donald Trump can find temporary housing in Canada.

The announcement was made on Sunday by the immigration minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussen. On the other hand, the executive order from President Trump to put a 90 days ban on Muslims entering in US from seven countries has been met with strong protest from Americans.

The executive order also contains a halt of 120 days on bringing in refugees from Syria. It has been confirmed by Hussen that the executive order will have no affect on the dual citizenship of US and Canada.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau released a statement on Saturday that his country has not put any kind of limitation of refugees coming to the country. Trudeau confirmed that the strength of the country lies in its diversity and regardless of which religion you follow, you can welcome to Canada whether you are escaping from war, terror & persecution.

Canada is one country that has always welcomed immigrants with open arms. This is the latest example of the generosity that it the country has always shown towards people.

Thousands of people have settled successfully in Canada and have provided their bit in the growth of the country. You can also settle successfully in Canada and lead a happy life.

Recently, Canada has expedited its Express Entry program to bring in more immigrants through its economic visa programs. In the latest draw, more than 3,500 applicants were sent the Invitation to Apply (ITAs).

The invited applicants will now be in a position to apply for Canada permanent residency and will be able to live a happy and promising life thereafter.

Canada has set up the target to bring in more than 300,000 immigrants in a year. It needs immigrants to compensate for its aging population and to provide new and young labor workforce.

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Supreme Court of US Gives Important Ruling in Immigration Case

Supreme Court of US Gives Important Ruling in Immigration Case
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A highly unusual order was issued by the Supreme Court on a pending immigration case which may limit the powers of President Donald Trump to pick put certain non-citizens who may not be eligible to stay in the country.

The case was heard by the court, which was brought because of challenge put in by thousands of immigrants. Most of these people are living legally in the US. Unfortunately, these people are living in detention with no opportunity to appeal for their release in front of the judge.

These people either have criminal backgrounds or have been apprehended at the border. The task of the high court was to find out the limitations that are there, if any, for granting this authority.

Take the case of Alejandro Rodriguez, who is facing deportation for two minor offences, joyriding with a teenager and a drug charge, even though he has the legal right to live in the country.

Back in November, the more conservative members of the Supreme Court were not in the mood to look into this constitutional issue. They are looking for an easier solution for these cases by looking back in the similar cases that were in favor of the detainees.

To resolve the present controversy, an earlier immigration dispute was taken up by the justice. The justice bench of the Supreme Court does not want to have a 4 – 4 split is it may directly affect the incoming Donald Trump administration.

It remains to be seen as to what happens in future to the fate of the people who are detained for wrong reasons. It is clear that it will be very difficult for Donald Trump administration to work by completely wiping out 11 million undocumented immigrants who are living in US.

There are many companies who have employed these people and moving them away means that there will be a setback in the GDP of the country, something which the new president may not wish to happen in this troubled time.

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IRCC Gives Instructions for Claiming Additional CRS Points

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Several important changes have been implemented in the Express Entry system and it’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) on November 19, 2016 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

These changes includes changes in the allocation of points to the qualifying job offers, allocating points for Canadian post-secondary educational credentials, and extending the submission period after receiving an invitation to apply (ITA).

Candidates are ranking in the Express Entry pool according to the points scored by them in CRS. As the reform become effective from November 19, some applicants may be able to update their score in the Express Entry pool.

What will be the next step?

In case you think that your visa application has been affected due to the current changes, IRCC provides guidelines on what you should do:

The candidate has to go to the online account and update his or her visa application profile in the Express Entry system. In order to do this a candidate will have to answer some new questions which have been added to the system by IRCC.

The CRS score of the candidate may be updates after the profile has been updated. It has also been stated by IRCC that, in the coming weeks, invitation rounds will start again. This will give time to those affected by the changes to update their profile in the Express Entry system. It should be noted here that, before the next invitation round takes place, all the CRS scores will be updated.

It should, however, be noted here that if your profile is not affected due to the changes than you are not required to do anything.

Why you need to Update Your Profile?

It may be possible that you will miss out an ITA in coming draws if you do not update your profile as per the current regulation. Nearly half of all the applicants who received ITA in 2016 had a job offer. Those candidates who have applied without a job offer will be weighed equally to those who have a qualifying job offer.

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Provincial Nominee Program Advantages and Availability

Provincial Nominee Program Advantages and Availability
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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada established and started out the Provincial Nominee Program with a view to enable different territories and provinces of Canada to select individuals who show an interest in settling down in a particular territory / province and who will in turn contribute towards the development of that territory / province.

Not all, but most of the territories and provinces participate in the Provincial Nominee Program for Canada immigration.

Advantages of Participating in Canada PNP

When an applicant has Provincial Nomination, his or her application will be processed speedily for Canada immigration. This is one more way to qualify for Canada permanent residency and immigrate to Canada apart from the Canada Skilled Worker program started by IRCC. However, it is not necessary to have provincial nomination to obtain Canada permanent residency.

There are two types of Canada PNP programs. The first one is for skilled workers who get a job offer in a business sector or occupation that fulfill the requirements of that province. The second type of PNP is for business class that allows immigration to people who want to invest money, start a new business or enter a joint venture in a particular province.

Provinces with Skilled Worker PNP Provinces with Business PNP
British Columbia British Columbia
Prince Edward Island Yukon
Alberta Prince Edward Island
Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador
Saskatchewan New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia
Manitoba Manitoba
New Brunswick Saskatchewan
Nova Scotia


Availability and Filing the Application

When an application is submitted by an individual the first step is to get an approval from the province. This first step does not take much time in the majority of the cases. Depending on the province where you have applied, the processing time can vary from nine months to as little as two weeks.

Once you get an approval, this means that you have been ‘nominated’ by the province. This is not the end of process for Canada immigration, as security checks, medical and police verification is still required to get it approved from the federal government. This process will usually take another six to eight months depending on the location of IRCC.

Know Your Options

The requirement of every province or territory is different which means you will have to deal with them in a different manner. It is not possible for a normal person to be aware of all the ins and outs for filing for provincial nominee program for a particular province or territory. For best guidance and service you can get in touch with a consultant at Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS).

Professionals at WWICS complaints cell will evaluate your case, including your educational qualification and work experience along with other factors and guide you about the right nominee program. Feel free to ask any question and get your worries removed, WWICS consultant will be pleased to remove the concerns in your mind and facilitate the path to immigrate to Canada. You can read feedbacks from clients in the WWICS reviews section.

Largest Ever Draw for Immigration to Canada, 2,427 Sent Invitations to Apply

Largest Ever Draw for Immigration to Canada, 2,427 Sent Invitations to Apply
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Express Entry draw was held on November 16 and in all likelihood this will be the last draw before the changes in the immigration system comes into effect from November 19. The number of candidates that are sent the Invitation to Apply to immigrate to Canada has increased still further to 2,427.

The cut off in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points has been at 470 in the draw that was held on November 16, 2016. Ever since the Express Entry system was first launched, this has been the 47th draw.

In all probability this will be the last draw before the significant changes come into effect in the Express Entry system. Under the new system, it is expected that a new pattern will be followed by immigration officials to award points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. The existing point system was used by the authorities to select candidates in the draw on November 16.

Larger Draw than ever

In the past couple of months, there has been a substantial increase in the number of ITAs that have been issued in the Express Entry draws. In the draw that was held on 24 August, only 750 candidates were given an ITA and the CRS was at 538 points.

In the draws that were held after that, there has been a significant increase in the number of ITAs given. The cut-off for CRS has also dropped down to its present level of 470. The latest and probably the last draw before the changes are implemented have seen the largest number of ITAs being given.

Big Changes Expected from November 19

The immigration governing authority of Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has described the changes in its policies as improvements in the Express Entry system.

Changes are expected to be made in the manner in which points are given for a qualifying job offer. The most important change is that a job offer will no longer give 600 points to a candidate. In place of this, only 200 or 50 points will be given for a job offer.

Have you prepared yourself to apply for Canada permanent residency according to the expected changes that will happen on November 19? Do you know all about these changes?

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WWICS Chandigarh Complaints

WWICS Chandigarh Complaints
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Canada’s Aging Population A Big Problem – Wants to Increase Immigration

Conference Board of Canada has come with a new report in which it has been stated that the level of immigration need to be increased to more than 400,000 per year to meet the requirement of economic growth of Canada. The report has highlighted the challenges that have been posed by the aging population in Canada.

It has been reported that significant changes in policies are required to give a boost to immigration as in coming decades the costs required to support retirees will not be fulfilled by Canada’s economy.

Proposed Scenarios

Four scenarios have been proposed in the report concerning the population growth of Canada. Among all the scenarios, one thing is common, and that is to increase the level of immigration. It has been stated that the present birth rate of 1.6 births per woman is not enough to support the economy.

Strongest economic growth will only result when Canada is able to bring in more than 400,000 immigrants every year by the year 2030. This is the only way to increase the population of Canada to 100 million by the year 2100. This will ultimately result in sharp increase in the output from Canada in the long run.

As the proposed immigration plan is achieved, it will result in better revenue generation both at the federal and provincial level. As the population will increase, it will also result in greater spending and circulation of revenue.

It has also been revealed in the report that in case there is moderate growth in immigration, and there is a shift in younger demographics, than the impact on the fertility rate in Canada will be significant. More families mean more children for future generation.

Increase Immigrants with Working Age

The report has stated that as the population of Canada is aging, it is putting more pressure on the social welfare system. Immigration may not solve the problem of aging population completely, but it will certainly lessen the side effects.

As the working population of Canada is increased through immigration it will cushion out the effects from aging population. It is a good time for you to plan and immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada is making plans to welcome new immigrants in the best possible way.

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