Obama’s Immigration Case Turned Down by Supreme Court

Obama’s Immigration Case Turned Down by Supreme Court
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Obama administration has received a set back from the US Supreme Court wherein a request to reconsider a major immigration decision has been turned down. The request was to reconsider a plan under which millions of undocumented immigrants will be sent out of the country.

The court has also decided not to hear thousands of petitions that had piled up at the time of summer break. Some of the big cases that have been rejected include a campaign finance investigation in Wisconsin, the Washington Redskin’s trademark and the one concerning what college athletes may earn.

As has happened earlier, the court did not consider it important to give reasons as to why the cases have been turned down. The Obama administration presented the immigration case for rehearing as it met a deadlock in June.

There was a 4 – 4 deadlock as the immigration case was heard in the court last time. This meant that the plan to deport millions of undocumented immigration will be carried forward.

The Supreme Court bench has nine members in total, but when the immigration case from Obama administration was heard, there were only 8 members at that time. Due to this reason a deadlock was reached.

The administration presented the case again as it felt that this matter carries great importance and because of this reason it should be heard with full nine members in the Supreme Court. It has been acknowledge by the administration that the immigration case is in its early stage and it is possible that it will reach the court again.

The immigration case is something on which life of millions of people depend. In case it is decided to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, than it will definitely create huge amount of job opportunities for the local people and for those who want to immigrate to US in a legal manner.

It is not possible to judge the amount of contribution that is being made by undocumented immigrants, as the majority of them do not pay taxes. There is another factor that in some cases, these types of immigrants are exploited by their employers.

But deporting immigrants will slow down the progress of industries, at least for a short while, till the jobs vacated by illegal immigrants are filled again.

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