Visitors to Canada from Visa-Exempt Countries to Submit Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Visitors to Canada from Visa-Exempt Countries to Submit Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
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A selected group of visitors to Canada will have to undergo a mandatory pre-screening test starting from September 26, 2016. Visitors to Canada from visa-exempt countries will have to apply for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they depart for the country by air.

A requirement has been highlighted that eTA applicants should disclose their information in place of talking to third parties, friends, employers or other organization. It is quite likely that third parties may not be aware of the history of the applicant, which among various other things may also include prior criminality.

Any person who wants to visit Canada will have to designate a person or party who will complete the eTA application on his or her behalf. In case a person does not disclose relevant information on the eTA application, than such a visitor will run the risk of a legal action being taken against him.

This may not only result in the person being banned from entering Canada, but the person may also be asked to serve a long term ban from entering the country. For instance, an individual may book a flight from a travel agency and make sure that he also gets the service for completing eTA application.

At the time of filling eTA, a visitor will have to mention his or her passport number, something which a third party should also have on file. These measures are taken with the objective to counter terrorism, which is one of the biggest problems plaguing the world.

What is an eTA?

The eTA system has been developed to make it stress free for visitors from visa-exempt countries to come to Canada. They are required to fill an online application form before they depart for Canada. This short online form is only for individuals that are from visa exempt countries and want to visit Canada for a short period of time.

The short online form will ask things about medical issues and criminality of the individual along with questions related to immigration history. From September 29, 2016, before boarding their flight to Canada, all travelers from visa exempt countries are supposed to file for eTA.

People from non visa-exempt countries will have to apply for a visitor visa before they are eligible to come to Canada. In case you want to reside permanently, than you will have to apply for Canada PR. All information related to Canada PR can be had from WWICS complaints cell.

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