IRCC Gives Instructions for Claiming Additional CRS Points

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Several important changes have been implemented in the Express Entry system and it’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) on November 19, 2016 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

These changes includes changes in the allocation of points to the qualifying job offers, allocating points for Canadian post-secondary educational credentials, and extending the submission period after receiving an invitation to apply (ITA).

Candidates are ranking in the Express Entry pool according to the points scored by them in CRS. As the reform become effective from November 19, some applicants may be able to update their score in the Express Entry pool.

What will be the next step?

In case you think that your visa application has been affected due to the current changes, IRCC provides guidelines on what you should do:

The candidate has to go to the online account and update his or her visa application profile in the Express Entry system. In order to do this a candidate will have to answer some new questions which have been added to the system by IRCC.

The CRS score of the candidate may be updates after the profile has been updated. It has also been stated by IRCC that, in the coming weeks, invitation rounds will start again. This will give time to those affected by the changes to update their profile in the Express Entry system. It should be noted here that, before the next invitation round takes place, all the CRS scores will be updated.

It should, however, be noted here that if your profile is not affected due to the changes than you are not required to do anything.

Why you need to Update Your Profile?

It may be possible that you will miss out an ITA in coming draws if you do not update your profile as per the current regulation. Nearly half of all the applicants who received ITA in 2016 had a job offer. Those candidates who have applied without a job offer will be weighed equally to those who have a qualifying job offer.

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WWICS Jalandhar Reviews -Davidson and Johnson Quarrel with Johnson on EU Referndum

WWICS Jalandhar Reviews -Davidson and Johnson Quarrel with Johnson on EU Referndum
3.3 (66%) 10 votes

WWICS Jalandhar Reviews


Davidson and Johnson Quarrel with Johnson on EU Referndum


Ruth Davidson of the Tories and Sadiq Khan of the Labour party got together to launch an attack cross party for the Leave vote to move out of the European Union. The EU referendum has moved on the last day before the vote is cast.


The mayor of London has put the blame on his predecessor for promoting the “project hate”. Accusations have been made that this promotion has been done to put in fear among the voters for immigration. Only one day of campaigning has to go before the voting for the referendum is done.


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Khan has also put forward the blame that all his opponents have been scaring away people with a very big lie and that is Turkey will be joining the European Union in the coming time. Nearly 6,000 people had gathered at the biggest event on referendum by the BBC and Johnson hit back on Khan by saying that the Labour party is making decision based on its own prejudice and is not listening to people’s concerns.


Accusations have also been made that he has wasted no time in giving air to people’s worries as to what will happen to their life when the UK move out of the European Union. Davidson and Johnson also had a face to face grilling. The strong performance put forward by Johnson has won him praise from all the political parties and also from people who are supporting the leave campaign.


The present situation is only of debate, most of which is being made without any strong evidence on anything. Only time will tell as to what the decision will be and what will be the effect of this decision. As of now everything is hanging in the balance.


This is also kind of unsettling situation for people who want to immigrate to UK. Unless and until a solid decision is being made, the future of those people who want to settle in UK will always hang in the balance.


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3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud

3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud
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What do you do before you contact or consult an immigration agent for any reason?

When you pay anyone to provide a service to you, it is a good idea to check the credibility of that person or agent. Just like any other service industry, there are ethical and fraud people working in it.

Immigration service is not the one that you can judge through trial and error method. Instead of becoming a victim, you should do some search before you take the service of an immigration consultant. You can check out the WWICS reviews and get assurance of the genuine and ethical immigration service provided by this global immigration agent.


Here are few points that you should look for before you hire an immigration agent.

  • Any immigration agent who makes 100% guaranteed promise that you will definitely get approval is a fraud. Every applicant must prove that he or she is eligible to immigrate. The full and final decision lies with the immigration authority. No such WWICS complaints are received as only ethical means are followed there.


  • In some of WWICS complaints received, any immigration agent who encourages you to make false document or put false information on the application form is an unethical lawyer. It may look appealing to you, as it gives an impression that your chances of approval will increase. Even if you are granted visa based on the fraud activity, which is highly unlikely, than you may be caught in future. Once caught you will bring bad name not only to you but also to your home country.


  • You should stay away from any immigration agent who claims that they know a person inside the visa embassy and that they can get the results manipulated. Many scams have come up in the past where people have been robbed lakhs of rupees on the pretext that they will get assistance from an inside source. You can go through WWICS reviews and find that no such claims are made by this immigration agency.


We all dream to immigrate and settle in a new country. But, we should not commit fraud to do so. In only very rare case it may happen that an applicant is able to get through with manipulated information.

Let us take a look at one of the WWICS reviews left by one ex-client: “I really appreciate the team work of WWICS. The staff never made us any fake promises. They analyzed my data and guided me accordingly. My dream has come true. Thank you again and all the very best to WWICS”.


Do Not Get Fooled By Fraud Immigration Consultant

Do Not Get Fooled By Fraud Immigration Consultant
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Easy money and lots of people looking to settle abroad are some of the things that lead to formation of many fraud immigration companies. Punjab alone has thousands of firms who claim to fulfill the immigration dreams of people and the counting goes into lakhs across India. There are newspaper advertisements and hoardings that promise to send people to their dream country in 6-12 months and they get lured. But advertisements are no guarantee of a company being genuine.

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) advises people to only seek service of a certified and licensed immigration company. With 23 years in the immigration sector, providing hassle-free services to the people is the top priority of WWICS. From filing the case to getting all documentation ready, we are a world leader in immigration and also assist our clients after landing in the new country. WWICS has associate companies that help its clients adjust in the new country.

WWICS Reviews keeps the customers aware of the fact that they can spoil their chances of going abroad with an unlicensed immigration player. Also, they will end up wasting their money.

WWICS guided me and my spouse right from the beginning till now in the best way. You have made all things clear on the very first day regarding all the steps like IELTS score requirement, points required, expenditure involved for the complete processing. I have referred your company to one of my husband’s friends and he also met you and was entertained in the best way. As it is said ‘Diligent employees are the Pillars of any successful organization.’ We are satisfied in all prospective through the service being provided your organization,” said Navreet Kaur.

Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS

Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS
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All skilled workers and professionals looking to immigrate to Canada in a hassle-free manner can trust the world’s largest immigration group WWICS. With record number of people already settled in Canada through the company, the clients are also provided post-landing services with help of associate firms in the country.

The Canadian office of the company facilitates all clients and keeps a tab on them even after settlement and special barbeque luncheons and other events are planned from time to time. We encourage the clients to interact with each other and share their experience. Immigration is a new experience and can be quite harrowing with a fraud company that is not licensed.

WWICS is a licensed firm and we encourage clients to only provide us authentic documentation. We do not take liability for the documentation submitted by client but verify it and only process cases once we are satisfied.

“We are living in Canada for the past six years and thanks WWICS for being there for us at every step. They have never left our side and we are connected with them even now. Keep up the good work,” says Selja Sharma, a happy client.

The Complaint Cell of WWICS gets many queries regarding fraud practices of immigration firms but we believe in transparency and keep our clients updated at every step. Canada is one of the best countries to live in and WWICS will help you in settling down with ease and placement services are also provided for those in need.

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