Immigration Policies Should Become Easier, Not Harder: FECCA

Immigration Policies Should Become Easier, Not Harder: FECCA
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The Australian government should make the immigration process easier, not harder, for people who want to settle here permanently, according to Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia.

The Turnbull Government announced some of the biggest changes in decades to the citizenship standards earlier this morning.

Permanent residents of Australia will not have to spend nearly four years before they can appear for the ir citizenship test. The questions that will be asked during this test will not include questions such as “under what circumstances can you strike your spouse in the privacy of your own home?” and “Is it permissible to force children to marry?”

The level of English proficiency that will be required will be increased considerably.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) has different view on the matter. It has stated that the government should extend a helping hand to aspiring immigrants in place pulling it back.

Joe Caputo, chairperson, FECCA stated that we should facilitate and make it easier for people to become part of the Australian society rather than making it more difficult and putting more hurdles before them.

People who come here and want to become permanent resident of Australia contribute towards the development of economy and they participate in various social activities. By making the process of Australian permanent residency difficult things will not get any better.

History is evident that Australia has always created opportunities for people from outside to settle here permanently. It is because of this reason Australia is one of the countries in the world that has the most diverse culture.

The measures announced by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Mr Turnbull is being viewed from another angel. Some people say that these changes are being planned to target Muslims.

This viewpoint was immediately rejected by Mr Dutton, stating that these changes are not being planned to target any community.

There will be opposition from some groups, but it looks like the Australian government will move ahead with its planned changes. It is certainly not a welcoming news for aspiring immigrants who want to make Australia there permanent home.

A better option is available in the form of Canada that still welcomes immigrants with open arms.

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