Canada Announces in Manila To Boost Immigration

Canada Announces in Manila To Boost Immigration
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John McCallum, the immigration minister of Canada has given strong hints new steps will be taken to give a significant boost to immigration and stretch it way beyond its present level. These new measures, according to McCallum, will be directed towards fulfilling the labor needs of Canada.

The immigration minister was there in Manila, Philippines on August 12, when he made the statement. He highlighted the fact that the population of Canada is aging shortages of labor looming large. The Liberal minister was talking in Philippines before the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

To counter the problem of aging and labor shortages we are thinking of increasing the number of immigrants that are coming to Canada. This is precisely what we are going to do.

At present a large number of applicants applying for Canadian permanent residency are from Philippines, as per the latest data published on May 31 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

It was also stated by immigration minister that the processing time for granting a visa in Philippines has also reduced to half, to around 12 months. This means that people can reunite with their family much more quickly.

Earlier, McCallum was there in Beijing, China, where he made the announcement that more visa processing offices will be opened up there in China. This has been planned with the objective of attracting highly skilled workforce to Canada.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau and his government has already planned to bring in nearly 300,000 immigrants in 2016. In case this number is achieved, and in all likelihood it will, than it will be the highest number of immigrants that will be called in a year.

The immigration plan for three years that has been chalked about John McCallum is part of the bigger plan of Liberal government to grow the economy and bring in more innovation. This plan will be unveiled by the government in this fall season.

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WWICS Ludhiana Reviews – Australia’s Immigration Programs Undermined by Widespread Corruption

WWICS Ludhiana Reviews – Australia’s Immigration Programs Undermined by Widespread Corruption
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WWICS Ludhiana Reviews


The immigration officials of Australia have been put under scanner for more than one hundred cases. It has been alleged that some corrupt activities are going on in the student and skilled visa programs of Australia. In the past 12 months it has been discovered that nearly 132 cases have been referred by immigration department Chief Michael Pezzullo for suspected corruption.


All these cases have been referred by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Agency (ACLEI), which is a national corruption watchdog. This has come to notice when a former immigration official pointed in the direction that migration crime has shifted to plane as a major part of the focus has moved on migrants coming by boat.


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Joseph Petyanszki who has worked with the immigration department for 27 years mentioned that it has been easy to divert the attention of the public to boat arrivals in the debate of border security. Mr. Joseph has been the joint head of the investigation department from 2007 to 2013.


The vast majority of the real fraud has been ignored totally because of this fear mongering, and it has undermined the immigration programs most significantly. Tens of thousands of cases have been ignored related to visa rorting, including numerous visas that have been successfully received by applicants that uncover the Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.


Investigations have come to the conclusion that there have been massive frauds in skilled migration, student, and 457 programs. Investigations have also revealed that many of the applications submitted for skilled migrants contained bogus qualifications from private colleges. Some startling revelations also mentioned that perfectly manipulated counterfeit degrees from some of the most reputed universities also came into being.


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