Fraud Immigration Agent Take Advantage of Your Vulnerability

Fraud Immigration Agent Take Advantage of Your Vulnerability
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What is the one reason for so many immigration scams coming out? It is because you are vulnerable. You show that you can go to any extreme to immigrate to your dream country. It is accepted that you need to have deep desire to achieve something. But, you should know when to draw the line to prevent misuse of things. You will never come across such WWICS complaints as only genuine methods are used by it.

Embassies follow a proper channel before they grant a visa. There is no way we can force them to move things faster or it ignore anything. Any immigration agent who claims that they can get you a visa quicker than normal, they are only making false claims. This is one of the techniques used by immigration agents to get more money from you.

You show vulnerability when you express your desire that you want to go to a given country only. You may say that you only want to immigrate to Canada only or to UK only, even if you do not qualify. In such circumstances you become vulnerable. The immigration agent says he can prepare fake documents for you, but he will charge extra money for it.

Many people like you, who have strong desire to immigrate to a particular country, agree to such proposal instantly. You sell your property or other assets to pay for the extra money asked by the immigration agent to prepare fake documents. WWICS reviews shows that only genuine procedure is followed here.

In majority of the cases such fraud are caught and the person is barred from applying for immigration forever or for a period of time. In case the case passes through, which is very rare, there are strong chances to be caught later on.

When an embassy notice of a fraud activity, they become stricter when they handle other cases in future. This means the process of evaluating an immigration application become tougher. We should not forget that it brings bad name to the home country.

You can check WWICS reviews and see only authentic means are used by it. They never encourage a person to immigrate to a particular country. They go through the profile of an aspiring immigrant and advise for the best country to immigrate according to the profile.

In case you have any WWICS complaints, you can directly contact the complaints cell of the company and get the problem solved.

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