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    WWICS Mohali Office Reviews

    Canada Sets Example That Immigrants Are Not Burden

    Politicians of the entire world and the general public are discussing only one topic these days that is about immigration. After Britain voted to move out of the European Union this topic is being discussed with even more intensity. Before that the debate was mainly concentrated on refugees who were flooding the European countries.

    The problem of illegal immigrants is widely debated across the globe. Nearly every country has put up strict measures to prevent people immigrating and settling through illegal means. On one side of the globe is Donald Trump who talks of building a wall dividing Mexico and USA. He also talks about deporting millions of Mexicans who are living in the country illegally.

    While the discussion on the merits and demerits of immigration between politicians in USA and the Europe is still on, Canada is one country, whose economy has become completely dependent on immigration.

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    A large portion of the labor market there is being filled up by immigrants who converge from all parts of the world. The numbers have been put forward by Statistics Canada which indicates that more than 260,000 people had immigrated to the country in this year till the month of May.

    This is nearly 6.5% more than the number of immigrants that landed in the country a year ago. The important thing to consider here is that all the immigrants have successfully settled down in the country. It is because of the fact that there is dire shortage of labor in the country.

    The majority of the local workforce has crossed into their retirement age and the rate of growth of population of the country is unpleasantly low. Canada will not be able to keep up with its present economic growth if it depends solely on the local labor market.

    Canada is clearly aware of the consequences of shortage of labor and it is because of this reason it has opened up its doors. The country has set up a target to bring in 300,000 new immigrants in this year to keep up with its requirement.

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