WWICS Complaint Cell

WWICS Complaint Cell
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WWICS One Stop Solution for All Your Immigration Needs

Do you want to realize your dream of immigrating and settling happily in developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Europe? Do you have confusion in applying for immigration? Come to Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) and get all the solutions related to immigrating to a new country.

WWICS has already helped thousands of immigrants to settle happily in the country of their choice. WWICS has always worked in the best interest of its clients and it continues to do so in the same manner.

You can go to the website of WWICS and read the reviews of thousands of clients who received the immigration service. All these feedbacks are clear indication of the quality of service that is being provided by WWICS.

Whether you want to apply for student visa, permanent residency, business vcitizenshipisa or skilled visa, all your immigration requirements will be met here.

Efficiency in Work Is the Name of the Game

An aspiring immigrant likes to have the same kind of efficiency and comfort when it comes to filling for immigration. This efficiency is readily available at Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS).

Whether you want to immigrate as a business investor, study in a reputed overseas university, or wish to apply for permanent residency, all the services are available here. They can help you to apply immigration for Canada, Australia, UK, Europe and Caribbean Islands.

WWICS can help you to apply for New Zealand immigration and also provide US citizen and immigration services.

The immigration consultants at this global immigration services provider have exhaustive knowledge on the process followed by different countries to grant visa. When you consult a professional at this visa and immigration advisory company, they will explore all the options on how you can immigrate and to which countries.

From Assessing Eligibility to Settling In Dream Country

You just need to fill the eligibility assessment form provided on WWICS website and a professional will get in touch with you as early as possible. After the consultation and evaluation part, WWICS consultant will prepare your file and correspond with the concerned visa immigration office.

In case you will be facing an interview for Canada or New Zealand immigration, the consultant will also prepare you for the same. All the correspondence with the visa office will be handled by them till the visa is granted. You will be updated about the current situation.

You will also be helped in matters related to providing work experience, showing your English language ability, medical approval and criminal background checks. The processing time varies from six months to a year. Any question that comes in your mind will be answered by this global immigration services provider.

This visa and immigration advisory company will also help you out when you land in your dream country. The special post-landing services provided by WWICS includes getting an accommodation, applying for driving license, opening a bank account, and government card among others. You will also be guided on how you can get a job.

Without doubt, WWICS certainly provides a one stop solution for all your immigration needs. It starts from exploring your options to finally settling down in your dream country.


To address the queries of all our clients and tackle all issues with utmost priority, WWICS has set up a Complaint Cell. The cell constitutes dedicated staff that helps resolve all immigration related issues of clients and even those who have been tricked by non-licensed firms.

“WWICS has been there for us at every step. We were quite apprehensive when we first came here as we had faced issues with an immigration firm earlier, But the staff was very supportive. We were kept up-to-date with every single thing and when our visa came, our happiness knew no bounds,” says a happy client Kamaljit Kaur, who is now successfully settled in Canada with her family for over three years.immigration

Bringing smiles on lakhs of customers globally is a forte that makes Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services a name to reckon with. With more than two decades of expertise in the field of immigration, we are proud to inform that we have maintained utmost sincerity in our work. A professionally trained team of experts spearheads the company and guides the clients in making informed decisions. The WWICS reviews consist of thousands of clients who testify the commitment to service of the company.

“One of my relatives went to Australia with the help of WWICS. I heard from them what a brilliant company it is and the staff is well-trained. They are a licensed company and I am sure that if I choose to immigrate, they will be my preferred choice,” says Tarn Sarin, an IT employee from Chandigarh.

WWICS complaints cell will review all fraud cases that have been faced by aspirants by guiding them and helping process their case.

You can contact us directly here ( grievances@wwicsgroup.com )


Tips to Score High in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry System

Every step that you take in improving your profile increases your chances of being selected for sending invitation to apply (ITA). We are talking here about the minimum 600 points that a person has to obtain in order to become eligible for finding a place in the Express Entry system.

In order to achieve this objective you need to display all the experience and educational qualification that matters. Above all, you should keep yourself updated on what all is happening in the immigration world, particularly that is related to immigration to Canada.

You should also be prepared with all your documents. There are times, when an immigration program opens without prior notice and closes soon after. In such cases you do not have time to prepare. You need to be prepared beforehand. If you are prepared with all the documents then you will not waste any time in filling up the application form and sending your candidature for Canada visa.

The biggest example that can be given here is of Saskatchewan’s Express Entry-aligned PNP category program. It has come to known that the program has closed nearly seven times in the past one year, since it was introduced. Moreover, the province changed its eligible occupation list, and it happened without any prior intimation.


Come to WWICS complaints cell and ask all your questions on how you can prepare all the documents for Canada visa. It is difficult for you to keep track of all the changes that are taking place in the immigration system of Canada.

When you take the assistance of WWICS, you will not have to worry about all this. The talented and experienced consultants at WWICS keep track of all the changes that are taking place here. They are aware of how to fill up the application form and this is something which they have done several times over.

This means they are fully aware on what to mention in the application form and how to mention it. They also know on how to present the documents. In all, it can be said that your work of filling up the application form will be reduced considerably and above all, this task will be done in the right manner and in a way that will increase your chances of approval considerably.

In case you want to know about the quality of service that is provided here then you can go through the WWICS reviews section where you can find all the feedbacks that have been given of the past clients.


EB-5 Investor Visa: Get the Right Advise

You can obtain the green card of U.S. by making an investment of $500,000 and $1 million in a business in US that helps create employment for ten people.

Like many other countries, wealthy people who can pump money in US economy get the pleasure of living and working anywhere in USA. The visa that we are talking about here is EB-5 immigration visa. It allows a person to obtain the green card of America immediately after entry.

The person making investment is required to have active participation in the business in which investment is made. It is not necessary that they have to control the operation of the business.

There is a limitation on the number of green cards that are issued in a year, which is 10,000 in a year, and there is also a limitation on the number of green cards that are issued to people from a given country.

In case the applications received for green card are more than 10,000 in a year, then a waiting list is created. This means when you will be given green card depends on the number of people that have applied for it in the year you have applied.

The good news however is that, the limit of 10,000 has never been reached which means there has been no waiting period till now. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people applying for EB-5 visa from China and a waiting list has been there for Chinese investors.

Till 2015, there has been no waiting list for people applying from other countries. It is best to take the assistance of a reputed and well-known immigration consultant as and when you have to apply for US EB-5 immigration visa.

To establish eligibility under the EB-5 category is not easy. It is without doubt one of the most expensive too. It is better to pay for the service a global resettlement service provider and get the right advice on how to apply for this visa.

Making an error and getting rejected in this category will further slim your chances of applying for immigration in this category. What is most risky is that you are supposed to make the investment first and the green card comes after that.

In case you want the right guidance on US EB-5 visa than you can take the assistance of WWICS complaints cell. Here, all your queries related to EB-5 visa will be answered.

Do you want to know the quality of immigration service that is provided at WWICS? Just to the WWICS reviews section.

49% Australians Vote to ban Muslim Immigration

The fever that was started in USA by republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to have caught up on the other side of the globe. A new poll was carried out in Australia and it has been found that nearly half of all Australians want to put a ban on the immigration of Muslims.

US President Barack Obama has strongly opposed the rise of the anti-immigrant sentiments in Europe, USA and Australia. In a statement released by Obama, he says building walls or closing doors of a country traps the citizens of the country and history will not view these countries in a good manner.

The crisis at hand is of common humanity. In the Essential Research, the results of which were released on Wednesday, 49% of people voted to have a ban imposed on Muslims from coming to the country. The most prominent reason that was given for this ban is the fear of terrorism.

It was also reasoned that Muslim immigrants do not mix readily with the local societies here and neither have they showed compassion with Australian values. This pool has been conducted for the second time, earlier it was carried out in the month of August. This is done to make sure that the poll is not a rogue.

The outcome of the poll is clear and evident and it cannot be ignored. The issue needs to be addressed soon. It is not acceptable to blame a particular society for the wrong that is happening in here.

The sample size of the Essential Poll was more than 1000 and it happened after the first speech given by Senator Hanson. In her speech, she proposed to impose ban on the immigration of Muslims and prevent building Islamic schools and mosques.

Australia has always welcomed immigrants with open arms. The policies followed by Australia on immigration have always been liberal and they have realized the benefits they get from welcoming immigrants.

There are various visas offered by Australia through which people can live, work, study and stay permanently in Australia. In case you have plans to immigrate to Australia or study there, than the best consultant to choose is WWICS.

A lot of people have been helped in the past in immigrating to Australia. You can get your visa application file prepared and processed in a hassle free manner with WWICS assistance.

Send your questions and queries related to Australia immigration to WWICS complaints cell and get the best assistance. You can read the WWICS reviews section to know about the quality of service that is provided here.


Immigration Poll Results Show Poor Leadership by Australian Politicians, Says Tanya Plibersek


Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Labor leader says that Australian leaders have not done enough to bring in cohesion among people. She responded on the reports published from the Australian poll that was carried out in which 49% people expressed desire to ban immigration of Muslims to the country.

The poll was carried out one week after the speech of Senator Pauline Hanson in the senate. During her speech she called for such a ban and because of this reason a debate was started. The results that have come out in the poll are quite different from the message that was conveyed by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull stated that tough border policies have been followed by the Australian government, but it has readily accepted immigrants over the years. Plibersek stated that Muslim community represents only a small fraction of total Australian population and that their population has always been overstated in the country.

What is more important when a person is selected to become a new Australian is that he or she is able to sincerely comply with the rules that are being asked from an Australian citizen. They should be able to respect the beliefs of the country, obey the laws and respect the liberties and rights.

Apart from this, it does not matter as to where they are from, what is their religious background and who they are. There are many Muslim immigrants who have contributed considerably to the economy of Australia.

The results of the poll do not indicate that the Australian people do not like Muslims; it only indicates that the politicians and leaders of Australia have not done enough to bring cohesion and harmony in the communities.

What keeps a society together and strong is the cohesion and harmony. It is worth stating at this point that Australia is a multi-cultural society and has been very successful.

Immigrating to Australia has been a life changing experience for numerous immigrants. They have worked there and contributed to the economy of the country. In turn, they have received better living standard and lifestyle. Australia has always welcomed new immigrants with open arms.

A lot of people have been helped in the past in immigrating to Australia. You can get your visa application file prepared and processed in a hassle free manner with WWICS assistance.

Send your questions and queries related to Australia immigration to WWICS complaints cell and get the best assistance. You can read the WWICS reviews section to know about the quality of service that is provided here.