World’s Overlook Countries for Second Citizenship

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Are you bored living in your country? Are you seeking more enjoyment and travel and looking for a better quality of life?

Well, if you have as little as $100,000 as you can purchase citizenship of a small, tropical Caribbean island that will fulfill all your above aspirations. The more the money that you are able to spend the better the country you can live in permanently.

Most of the people look towards Canada, United States and United Kingdom when it comes to making investment and obtain permanent residency. However, there are lists of countries which may not look big enough on the outside but are good option to invest and live in.

St. Kitts and Nevis

It is easy to understand the concept of cash for citizenship. The concept applies well to two Caribbean Islands where you can become legal residents in just few months. The smallest nation of Caribbean Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis is tempting to would be citizens not only for its swaying palm trees, tropical breezes and white sand beaches, but also for providing visa free access to nearly 130 countries and no personal income tax.


Dominica is another perfect destination to consider in Caribbean Islands in case you have less money to invest. You should not be confused by this place with Dominican Republic which is running its citizenship by investment scheme since 1993. By making a deposit of just $100,000 to the National Bank of Dominica people can earn citizenship of the country.

The approval is given in only eight weeks from the date of filling the application provided the person is of outstanding character and has basic level of English. From the time, this visa program has been rolled out; more than 2500 people have obtained citizenship by investment.

Antigua and Barbuda

The third Caribbean Island that allows citizenship by investment is Antigua and Barbuda. An applicant will have to make a contribution of $250,000 to the National Development Fund of the country or make an investment in the real estate industry to the tune of $400,000. What an applicant will get in return is visa free access to nearly 120 countries including Canada, France and United Kingdom.

In case you want to learn on how to make investment in the Caribbean Island than you can contact the WWICS complaints cell. A number of people have been helped in obtaining citizenship by investment by WWICS expertise. You can read the WWICS reviews section to know about the quality of service provided here.

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