3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud

3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud
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What do you do before you contact or consult an immigration agent for any reason?

When you pay anyone to provide a service to you, it is a good idea to check the credibility of that person or agent. Just like any other service industry, there are ethical and fraud people working in it.

Immigration service is not the one that you can judge through trial and error method. Instead of becoming a victim, you should do some search before you take the service of an immigration consultant. You can check out the WWICS reviews and get assurance of the genuine and ethical immigration service provided by this global immigration agent.


Here are few points that you should look for before you hire an immigration agent.

  • Any immigration agent who makes 100% guaranteed promise that you will definitely get approval is a fraud. Every applicant must prove that he or she is eligible to immigrate. The full and final decision lies with the immigration authority. No such WWICS complaints are received as only ethical means are followed there.


  • In some of WWICS complaints received, any immigration agent who encourages you to make false document or put false information on the application form is an unethical lawyer. It may look appealing to you, as it gives an impression that your chances of approval will increase. Even if you are granted visa based on the fraud activity, which is highly unlikely, than you may be caught in future. Once caught you will bring bad name not only to you but also to your home country.


  • You should stay away from any immigration agent who claims that they know a person inside the visa embassy and that they can get the results manipulated. Many scams have come up in the past where people have been robbed lakhs of rupees on the pretext that they will get assistance from an inside source. You can go through WWICS reviews and find that no such claims are made by this immigration agency.


We all dream to immigrate and settle in a new country. But, we should not commit fraud to do so. In only very rare case it may happen that an applicant is able to get through with manipulated information.

Let us take a look at one of the WWICS reviews left by one ex-client: “I really appreciate the team work of WWICS. The staff never made us any fake promises. They analyzed my data and guided me accordingly. My dream has come true. Thank you again and all the very best to WWICS”.


Fatal Attraction to Immigrate Leads to Fraud

Fatal Attraction to Immigrate Leads to Fraud
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There are more than 71,000 species of animals and plants, sharing a total of 20% wilderness of the world along with 7% renewable fresh water of the world, and when this abundance of natural resources and beauty is coupled with excellent conditions of living and better work opportunities, it makes Canada one of the best places in the world to live in.

The setback of living away from family and loved ones is compensated by the perks of living in a magnificent country Canada. The attraction created by this wonderful country is so much that some people take up illegal means to come here.

When the demand of a product increases too much, some people take advantage of the opportunity and start making fake products. There is a similar situation, when we talk about fraudulent activities in immigration.

There are many people who are very desperate to immigrate to Canada and when they show they ask an immigration agent to send them to Canada by hook or by crook, it often result in immigration fraud. Such desperation often leads people to create fake documents or misrepresent their financial status, so they can get approval from immigration authorities.

These people are of the belief that they can trick the visa granting agency. The fact is that such people are making life tough not only for themselves but also for other people who will apply for immigration in future.

As and when a person is caught because of misrepresentation of information, he or she may be barred from coming to Canada for a specified period of time or forever. Moreover, when such immigration fraud cases come to the notice it makes the process tough for future applicant.

First, you should not show desperation as everything is done in a timely manner. Plus, you should only take service of a trustworthy immigration consultant like Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS).

WWICS reviews left by one of the ex-client reads as follows: “Thanks for your help and coordination in my visa process. WWICS has been really professional and made me feel comfortable by answering my queries in time. You guys are really wonderful. I wish you luck and will surely refer you to who are looking for good immigration service”.

Trust a Local and Globally Famous Immigration Service Provider

Trust a Local and Globally Famous Immigration Service Provider
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For numerous people, immigration to a new country means having a better job, rejoining the family and almost a complete change in life for good. Countries like Canada, US and Australia welcome people with legal immigration, but for them immigration fraud is a very serious thing and not at all acceptable.

People show themselves as immigration experts, but they steal personal information of an aspiring immigrant and commit different types of fraud. Therefore, it is very important that you do not disclose your personal information just like that to anyone.

Your name and good reputation can be used by these fraudsters to gain illegal entry into a country. Your identity can also be used to ferry a third person illegally into a country. Embassies of different countries come out with various tips to prevent people from becoming a victim of fraud.

There are many things to look for before you show your trust on an immigration agent. Here are some points to take note of:

  • Do not sign a blank paper
  • Do not sign a document in which your information is written in a wrong manner
  • Make sure that you understand the things that are mentioned on a document or form before you sign or fill it

In case you are worried on who to trust than you can go for an immigration service provider that is famous and well-known in your area or the one that is globally famous. A good example is of Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS), which is not only well known and famous in India, but also has a global presence.

You can check out WWICS review  to find out how well it has served its clients. One of the ex-client of WWICS mentioned this about its service: “Thanks for your help and coordination in my visa process. WWICS has been really professional and made me feel comfortable by answering my queries in time. You guys are really wonderful. I wish you luck and will surely refer you to who are looking for good

Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada

Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada
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Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada

The wonderful life style and ample amount of opportunities attracts numerous people to immigrate and settle in Canada. For those who are not able to immigrate to Canada through legal means resort to unlawful means.immigration One of the many tricks used by aspiring immigrants is to get married to a Canadian citizen.

Many people are of the belief that marrying a citizen of Canada will be easy ticket for them to immigrate to Canada. According to authorities, it is illegal to marry a permanent resident or Canadian citizen just for the purpose to get permanent residency of that country.

In numerous cases, a marriage of convenience is being arranged between a foreign applicant and a sponsor. The sole purpose of this common-law relationship or marriage is to let the aspirant settle down in Canada.

CIC is aware of these practices and it works to prevent such an arrangement and their officers are specifically trained to distinguish a real immigration applicant from a fake one. Some of the ways that are used by them to pin point a fake marriage include:

  • Checking the documents
  • In person visit to the home of applicants and sponsor
  • Conducting interview with both the sponsor and applicant.

Permanent residents or Canadian citizens who are involved in the activity of fake marriage to help out immigration process are charged with a crime when caught.

Many people resort to such activities even though they are aware of its pitfalls. It is highly recommended that no matter what are the reasons you should never take up activities that are illegal in terms of immigrating to Canada.

In case an applicant is caught than he or she may be banned from coming to Canada for 2 years. Moreover, this thing will be in the record of CIC forever.

The visa granting authority is aware that any marriage can fail, even a genuine one. But, in case you get involved in a marriage of convenience than a legal action can be taken against you as an immigrant and mostly likely you will be deported from Canada.

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) take up only legal means to immigrate people to Canada. In its entire tenure of operation it has provided service to thousands of people to immigrate to Canada.

In one of the WWICS Review    left by a past client, J Harikishan, who immigrated to Canada, it has been mentioned that, ‘I applied for Canada PR through WWICS and the process was very easy and smooth. WWICS people were reachable at any time and I was guided in many ways. WWICS made the process very smooth at each and every stage’.

An Unanswered Immigration Query Is the First Indication Of Fraud

An Unanswered Immigration Query Is the First Indication Of Fraud
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It comfortably takes around 6 months to 1 year to get the permanent residency of any country. This waiting period can be more or less depending on the individual circumstances of an applicant. During this time period, an immigration aspirant goes through different mood swings and comes across many questions.

A good amount of money is spent in the process of acquiring permanent residency and considering the secret nature of the visa granting authorities, worries and uncertainties are normal to come in the mind of an applicant.

The connecting link between an applicant and a visa granting authority is the immigration service provider like WWICS. Check out WWICS reviews and believe how well we handle clients’ queries.

One of the main objectives of the world’s largest immigration group is to keep its clients at ease at all times during the waiting period. The complaints cell at WWICS handles all the queries of a client.

The fact that a client can contact WWICS at any time makes them feel comfortable. The counselors at this reputed and world famous immigration service provider never shy away from answering questions of their clients.

WWICS complaints cell works tirelessly and keeps the clients updated as and when required of the present status of their visa processing.

In case an immigration service provider does not answer a query from its client, it may indicate that either the service provider is not aware of the issue at hand or is simply trying to hide something. This is the first indication that there is a fraud in the making.

In the reviews left out by former clients of WWICS, it has been mentioned many times that they felt comfortable because they were informed regularly of the latest happening and all their queries were answered promptly and to their satisfaction.

Don’t Use Trial And Error Method To Find A Credible Immigration Service Provider

Don’t Use Trial And Error Method To Find A Credible Immigration Service Provider
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Road to permanent residency to any country is filled with numerous complications. Starting from the first hurdle of deciding the best country as per your personal requirement, to filling up the application form which in itself is way too confusing and landing in a different country where everything is new to you, the road seems to be never ending.

In order to avoid the various nerve wrecking situations, it is best to hire the service of a credible and authentic immigration service provider. Unfortunately, this decision to take the assistance of an immigration service provider is fraught with danger.

It is better to go through the reviews and feedbacks of these service providers before you hire them. We at WWICS have come across some clients who have had unpleasant experience in the past.

The waiting period to get the visa was never ending for some of them and in the end they came to know that their application was never filed for. There were others who were drained to their last rupee, and then there was torturing amount of paperwork that was being asked in some cases.

When it comes to immigrating abroad, keep aside the trial and error method to find a good service provider. You can check out the WWICS reviews and see for yourself of how pleased our past clients have been.

To say the least, the number of these satisfied clients runs into several thousands. What sets us apart from others are our two decade long experience and global presence. The personal attention given makes you feel at ease within no time.

Can You Trust On A Non-registered Immigration Consultant?

Can You Trust On A Non-registered Immigration Consultant?
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100% guaranteed visa!

Get work permit with everything paid for including air ticket and other!

Rejected cases also welcome.

Exorbitant and hard to believe claims are part of the push strategy employed by many immigration consultant to lure new clients.

Just walk in to their office or talk to them, and within no time you will get a feeling that you are already in your dream country.

It cannot be said that all these claimers create an empire for you solely in air, but it is also true that, not each one of them can be trusted blind folded.

The first caveat emptor is when some unbelievable claims are made by an immigration consultant. When you are promised something that is difficult to digest, yet mouth watering, then instead of jumping on it straight away, just conduct some background check.

Start your check by confirming whether the immigration firm / individual concerned is registered or not. As per a recent finding, of the numerous firms operating in and around Mohali, only handfuls are registered.

The identity of a non-registered firm is a hoax and they are not bound by law and other norms. Take some time out to check WWICS review to find out more.

There is another angle to it. There are some consultants who show fake registration documents. You have to check carefully to make sure the company is genuine.

Thing is, you can never be sure of such things. At the end of the day, it is best to lay your trust on the famous and global immigration service provider WWICS.

One of the key features of WWICS working is that it does not make tall claims out of nowhere.

Your case will be analyzed on an individual basis and you will be suggested what is in your best interest.

You are made aware of your probability of failure and success, taking into account your individual profile.


Better Opportunities To Reach Canada With WWICS

Better Opportunities To Reach Canada With WWICS
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All skilled workers and professionals looking to settle down in Canada have got a blessing in the form of Express Entry program that was launched in 2015. The program not only instilled new hope in the lives of the skilled workers and professionals who dreamt of living and earning in Canada but it was one of the fastest and hassle-free options and the processing time was also lesser.

The clients have given excellent WWICS Review for the program and have found that the world’s largest immigration firm can provide excellent results for reaching Canada by timely filing of cases.

When the Express Entry program started, there was a lot of backlog of application files with the Canadian government. Now with the backlog clearing up fast, a higher number of new applicants are expected to receive ITAs in the upcoming draws in 2016. The Canadian immigration authorities are looking to increase the ITAs in 2016 and so this is the right time for new applicants to apply for permanent residency of Canada under the Express Entry Program through WWICS.

The candidates who have applied under Express Entry are also selected and recruited by different provinces in Canada as per their requirement, under their individual Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

It has been found that the rate of addressing grievances has been 100% and all WWICS Complaints are tackled appropriately to the best of the client’s satisfaction. WWICS Reviews is a source of ascertaining the client happiness.

Global Resettlement Made Easy With WWICS

Global Resettlement Made Easy With WWICS
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For all those planning to settle in the destination of their choice, the golden opportunity is here with WWICS. The world’s largest immigration company has been providing Global Resettlement Opportunities for more than 23 years in Canada, US, New Zealand, UK, Australia and other countries in Europe.

Come to WWICS to save you from immigration fraud as WWICS Reviews confirms that the company offers tailored programs for professionals, skilled workers, business persons and students.

The company offers fastest ever Canadian Immigration for permanent residency of skilled workers with Express Entry Program. Professionals and skilled workers are in high demand in Australia. You can apply for Business Immigration opportunities in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe. Also, there are study options in Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe.

“I am taking this moment to appreciate & acknowledge the good work done by WWICS. I have seen great professionalism and brilliant expertise at WWICS. Even though I have been impatient sometimes but they managed well. I will remember the journey from the time of application to the ticketing. It was seamless process. I wish WWICS to grow by day & night and help others like me. I am sure they all will keep on doing the good job,” says Karamjit Singh, a client who got permanent residency of Canada in October 2015.

WWICS has a global track record of having happily settled over 100,000 clients. It has a global presence in five continents with Associate Offices in Canada- Toronto, Australia- Sydney, UAE- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar- Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman- Muscat, Kenya- Nairobi and 16 offices in India.

“On the 11 months journey for my ‘Mission Australian Permanent Resident visa,’ WWICS was my calming reassurance. Without them I would have definitely crumbled under stress. They kept me on track for my journey towards the possession of Sub Class 189 visa. I found the visa process very detailed and stressful at times, especially the amount of evidence needing to be submitted on our limited time scale. However, the support guidance and encouragement provided WWICS was invaluable. WWICS has always been contactable, professional and supportive,” says a client who reached Australia.

Best Pathways For Business Immigration Without Fraud

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The businessmen and investors who dream of living and setting up their business in some of the best countries of the world need not search more. WWICS Review There are never-ending business opportunities available in global destinations like US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Caribbean countries. The business and investment programs that are offered by these countries not only offer an ease to immigrate but also have relaxed qualifying requirements.cropped-wwics-logo.png

Fraud immigration companies will only cheat your money while licensed immigration consultants like WWICS will help you invest your money in government approved regional centers in the country of your choice. WWICS also has a Complaint Cell for all grievances faced by clients and these are addressed with priority.

There are many Business Immigration programs for Canada like Quebec Investor Program, Provincial Nominee Programs and many others. These also bring with them permanent residency of Canada for the business owner and his family. The businesspersons can get fast track Green Card of US under US EB- 5 Investor Visa, E2 & L1 Visa programs.

For Australia, there are Business Innovation Stream and Investor Category programs, while for New Zealand, Entrepreneur Work Visa & Entrepreneur Residence Visa programs are there. For Europe, there are opportunities to invest while some Citizenship by Investment programs are there for Caribbean Islands.

Come to world’s largest immigration group and do business is some of the best countries of the world. For more WWICS Reviews, visit our website.

Walk The Path For Immigration With Caution

Walk The Path For Immigration With Caution
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For many people, their biggest dream is to settle abroad. The charm, attraction and sophistication of working and living in a developed nation can be compared to none. Numerous people have turned their dream of settling abroad into reality with licensed immigration companies like WWICS. They have earned big bucks and made a name for themselves. There is no doubt that they have been highly successful and have made everyone proud.

Various consultancies have cashed on this desire of people to settle abroad, resulting in immigration service’s turning into a full-fledged industry. Of the many immigration service providers, not every can be said to be reliable and there are many fraud companies. WWICS Reviews the documentation of every individual and after a thorough check processes their case for immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, USA and others.

“We want to thank you for excellent services we received at WWICS. We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way our case was handled by the company. We have recommended WWICS to others because of our satisfaction with their services,” says Varun Sharma, a client of WWICS who is all set to settle in Canada.

There have been incidences in the past where people have been ditched and robbed of their money by some notorious immigration service providers. Such companies take advantage of this magnanimous desire of people to settle abroad. They hold out many promises to them to gain their trust, making them feel that it is here they will get to fulfill their dream to settle abroad. However, the ground reality of the promises made by these fraudulent agencies soon starts surfacing.

At the end of the day, the unfortunate person is left penny-less and with nowhere to go. A word of advice is to tread carefully.  Keep your trust on an immigration service provider that has years of experience. Check for the credibility of the service provider and of the work done by them in the past.

Reach Canada With Immigration Expert Like WWICS

Reach Canada With Immigration Expert Like WWICS
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Having an experience of over 23 years in the immigration industry, WWICS has an offer various career opportunities for skilled workers and professionals aspiring to stay and work in Canada and Australia. The Express Entry System is the best way to secure immigration under the skilled category and get permanent residency of Canada in 6-12 months. Also, many Canadian provinces have their provincial nominee programs that allow skilled workers and professionals settle down in the maple country.

For the people looking to live and work in Australia, the SkillSelect program helps apply for the occupations in demand to get permanent residency in 9-12 months. Canada and Australia offer profitable job opportunities and an excellent standard of living for all and these countries are multicultural, thus offering a good environment.

Apply with the immigration expert like WWICS and get saved from fraud Immigration Company. WWICS Review offers advice on all immigration option and feedback by successful clients. Give wings to your dreams of making a living in Canada and Australia with licensed company.

Do Not Get Fooled By Fraud Immigration Consultant

Do Not Get Fooled By Fraud Immigration Consultant
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Easy money and lots of people looking to settle abroad are some of the things that lead to formation of many fraud immigration companies. Punjab alone has thousands of firms who claim to fulfill the immigration dreams of people and the counting goes into lakhs across India. There are newspaper advertisements and hoardings that promise to send people to their dream country in 6-12 months and they get lured. But advertisements are no guarantee of a company being genuine.

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) advises people to only seek service of a certified and licensed immigration company. With 23 years in the immigration sector, providing hassle-free services to the people is the top priority of WWICS. From filing the case to getting all documentation ready, we are a world leader in immigration and also assist our clients after landing in the new country. WWICS has associate companies that help its clients adjust in the new country.

WWICS Reviews keeps the customers aware of the fact that they can spoil their chances of going abroad with an unlicensed immigration player. Also, they will end up wasting their money.

WWICS guided me and my spouse right from the beginning till now in the best way. You have made all things clear on the very first day regarding all the steps like IELTS score requirement, points required, expenditure involved for the complete processing. I have referred your company to one of my husband’s friends and he also met you and was entertained in the best way. As it is said ‘Diligent employees are the Pillars of any successful organization.’ We are satisfied in all prospective through the service being provided your organization,” said Navreet Kaur.

Study Abroad With Licensed Immigration Consultant Like WWICS

Study Abroad With Licensed Immigration Consultant Like WWICS
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All the students who are looking for a bright future need to consult a reputed immigration consultant. It is important to only seek help of an experienced and licensed immigration company like WWICS. With the focus to help students select the right education option in the country of their choice, WWICS has established an extensive network with reputed Universities and Colleges across the globe.

WWICS helps students who wish to seek admission in various Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma & Foundation courses in developed countries across the world. WWICS is the Silver Partner of British Council for IELTS. The education wing of WWICS makes sure to provide the students guidance to choose the right career in the right country by choosing the best institute as per their educational qualifications.

There are many students who come to us after being cheated by fraud immigration companies claiming to help them study abroad easily. This often leads to rejection of their case and WWICS helps them to choose the right path.

“With the grace of God I have received my Study Visa of Australia. All the efforts put in by WWICS Head Office is worth applauding. I was helped to fill in all the relevant documents and was advised time to time as to what the next step will be. All the kind help from my counsellor’s side is worth giving the credit now that I see my dream fulfilling! Trust me, the services provided by WWICS Review are exceptional,” said Samridh Pahuja who got a study visa for Australia with help of WWICS.


Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS

Reach Canada With Licensed Immigration Firms like WWICS
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All skilled workers and professionals looking to immigrate to Canada in a hassle-free manner can trust the world’s largest immigration group WWICS. With record number of people already settled in Canada through the company, the clients are also provided post-landing services with help of associate firms in the country.

The Canadian office of the company facilitates all clients and keeps a tab on them even after settlement and special barbeque luncheons and other events are planned from time to time. We encourage the clients to interact with each other and share their experience. Immigration is a new experience and can be quite harrowing with a fraud company that is not licensed.

WWICS is a licensed firm and we encourage clients to only provide us authentic documentation. We do not take liability for the documentation submitted by client but verify it and only process cases once we are satisfied.

“We are living in Canada for the past six years and thanks WWICS for being there for us at every step. They have never left our side and we are connected with them even now. Keep up the good work,” says Selja Sharma, a happy client.

The Complaint Cell of WWICS gets many queries regarding fraud practices of immigration firms but we believe in transparency and keep our clients updated at every step. Canada is one of the best countries to live in and WWICS will help you in settling down with ease and placement services are also provided for those in need.

WWICS Review Come to WWICS and maximize your chances of settling down in Canada.

WWICS Provides Hassle-free Immigration Services Globally

WWICS Provides Hassle-free Immigration Services Globally
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WWICS the world’s largest immigration group, has a legacy of helping lakhs of individuals to settle down in the country of their choice. The hassle-free services provided by the professionally trained staff at WWICS ensure that the clients are provided all assistance at every stage. The company does not just provide immigration services and forgets the clients.

Once the client settles down in the destination country, WWICS is there for them at every stage thereafter. We provide post-landing services also and our associate companies ensure that clients are cared for.

The fraud companies target WWICS clients from time to time and try to lure them. There are times when a person is not able to get his visa due to his own shortcomings or some changes in regulations of the immigration authorities of destined country. This does not mean that WWICS is a fraud. WWICS ensures that if a client is not able to clear one category, they try to help the customers find a suitable program that can help them.

WWICS Reviews provides the assurance that the company is licensed and works only for genuine clients.

No fraud has ever been tolerated and the committed and devoted services have helped WWICS serve the customers to satisfaction. There are thousands and thousands of clients who are testimony to WWICS and they review us on the basis of services provided and there are many customers who come to us due to their reference.

To ensure a great future, WWICS is there for you.

Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants

Beware of Fake/Fraud Immigration Consultants
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India is having thousands of visa and immigrant consultants and while some of them are registered with the government, there are many are not licensed. A majority of visa consultants are not registered with the government and are fake and a complete fraud. Most of such immigration consultants do not have any qualification or experience in the field but are just into the business for looting genuine people.

There are many advertisements and outdoor advertising done even by non-licensed immigration firms and so the people need to be cautious. Agents charge exorbitant fee from their clients and make fake promises just for making money and end up playing with emotions of people.

There are very few licensed immigration companies in India and Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) is one of them. We are a licensed immigration firm and our staff and associates are members of CAPIC, ICCC, PHDCCI, CII, FICCI, ICBC, APIECM, IACC and MARA. Also, WWICS Senior Directors Devinder Sandhu and Parvinder Sandhu are members.

We advise all immigrant aspirants that only get their cases processed through genuine immigration consultants like WWICS to ensure fulfillment of their dreams of settling down in sought-after destinations including Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Europe. WWICS is not a fraud and we take pride in realizing dreams of thousands of people worldwide for more than two decades.

Best Immigration With WWICS

Best Immigration With WWICS
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WWICS LOGOAll aspirants who plan to live in the destination of their choice have the golden opportunity as this is the right time to get permanent residency. WWICS, the world’s largest immigration company, has been providing Global Resettlement Opportunities in some of the world’s best countries including Canada, US, New Zealand, UK, Australia and countries in Europe for the last 22 years.

WWICS offers the best customized immigration programs for professionals, skilled workers, business persons and students.

  • Fastest ever Canadian Immigration for permanent residency of skilled workers with Express Entry Program
  • Professionals and skilled workers are in high demand in Australia under SkillSelect Program
  • Business Immigration opportunities in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK, Europe and Caribbean countries
  • Study in Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe

WWICS has a global track record of over 1,00,000 happily settled clients. It has a global presence With International Offices in Canada- Toronto, Australia- Sydney, UAE- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar- Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman- Muscat, Kenya- Nairobi & India- 16 Offices.

The WWICS success story is owed to the thousands of successful individuals who are settled in some of the most-sought after global destinations.

Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality

Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality
5 (100%) 5 votes

Bring Us Your Dreams And Watch As They Turn Into A Beautiful Reality

From the very inception, Worldwide Immigration and Consultancy Services (WWICS) strived to build a goodwill based on integrity, transparency, and highest ethical standards. It has withstood the acid test of time to emerge as the largest player in the immigration industry.

Today, WWICS is one of the eminent contributors to have brought positive changes in the ever-changing immigration sector. WWICS Group is the world’s largest Global Resettlement Solution provider for having successfully settled more than 100,000 professionals, business persons and students in various destination countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This indeed is an evidence of the absolute commitment and dedication that WWICS has invested to serve the society over these years.

WWICS Group has a global presence with offices in Canada – Toronto, Middle East – Dubai, Mazaya, Sharjah, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Muscat, Kenya – Nairobi, Australia – Sydney. In India, the company has over 16 Branch offices covering almost all states.

WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services is a guide to help you choose the right opportunities in your dream destination. The clients we serve vouch by the service and commitment provided by us as we believe in Shaping Lives, Changing Destinies.


Immigration Alert: Fast track visa options to settle in US, Canada

Immigration Alert: Fast track visa options to settle in US, Canada
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Relaxed qualifying criteria and achievable language benchmarks or educational qualification come at a cost

If you are looking to relocate to the US and Canada, there are several investment and permanent residency pathways that can help you live and work overseas.

Options for businesspersons and investors looking to settle down in these countries with the best way possible to get a residency in their country of choice have been listed by a Dubai immigration consultancy, WWICS Immigration Consultants.

While the fast-track business and investment programs are no doubt faster and hassle-free ways to immigrate, they include being able to invest the required amount and meeting the criteria of these respective countries.

“What makes the business programmes worthwhile is the fast track process of getting a Permanent Residency with relaxed qualifying criteria, reasonable investment and easily achievable language benchmark or educational qualification,” says BS Sandhu, Chairman and Managing Director of WWICS Group of Companies.

The United States

Under the business resettlement programmes for USA, the EB-5 Investor Visa is the best way to get a USA Green Card.

One needs to invest an amount of not less than $500,000 (Dh1,836,474) in one of the Government Approved Regional Centres of America.

The purpose of the EB-5 Programme is to promote the immigration of people who can help create jobs for US workers through their investment of capital into the US economy.

The programme is based on promoting immigration of people who invest their capital in new, restructured, or expanded businesses and projects in the United States and help create or preserve needed jobs for workers by doing so.

In the EB-5 Programme, immigrants who invest their capital in job-creating businesses and projects in the United States receive conditional permanent resident status in the United States for a two-year period.

After two years, if the immigrants have satisfied the conditions of the EB-5 Programme and other criteria of eligibility, the conditions are removed and the immigrants become unconditional lawful permanent residents of the United States.


The Quebec Investor Programme is considered as one of the best programmes for settling down in Canada. To qualify as an investor, an individual must have a net worth of at least CAD$1.6 million (Dh4,195,453), have managerial experience and willing to make a refundable investment of CAD$800,000 (Dh2,097,505) for a period of five years.

Financing is available through Canadian financial institutions. Provincial Nominee Programmes also offer a chance to get permanent residency of Canada with family.

The Quebec Investor programme is passive in nature, meaning that individuals selected under its auspices are not required to establish or actively manage a business in the province. Rather, the programme requires an investment of CAD$800,000 into a prescribed (government guaranteed) investment.

Applicants must have the intention of settling in the French speaking province of Quebec. Successful applicants are issued a selection certificate from Quebec, which allows them to obtain Canadian permanent residence following health and criminality examinations by Federal immigration authorities.



High Court throws out challenge to Nauru offshore immigration detention; Malcolm Turnbull vows people smugglers will not prevail

High Court throws out challenge to Nauru offshore immigration detention; Malcolm Turnbull vows people smugglers will not prevail
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7136990-3x2-340x227The High Court today threw out a challenge to the Australian Government’s immigration detention centre on Nauru.

The case was launched by a Bangladeshi detainee on Nauru who was brought to Australia for treatment and later gave birth to her daughter in Brisbane.

Lawyers for the woman argued that it was illegal for the Australian Government to fund and operate detention centres in a third country.

Mr Turnbull told Parliament the Government would consider the judgement, but noted that it upheld the existing framework as “legally and constitutionally valid”.

He said that the framework had kept Australia’s border secure and prevented drownings at sea.

“The people smugglers will not prevail over our sovereignty,” he said.

“Our borders are secure. The line has to be drawn somewhere and it is drawn at our border.”

During the High Court case the Government changed the law to close a loophole in the funding arrangements, which it feared could be undermined by the challenge.

Today a majority of the court’s bench found the current government arrangements were valid under the constitution.

Justice Michelle Gordon, the most recent appointment to the bench, issued the lone dissenting judgement that the laws rushed through in June were invalid.

Before the decision, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton flagged his intention to send a group of 160 adults, 37 babies and 54 children currently in Australia back to Nauru, should the Government win.



What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration

What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration
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What Lowa Doesn’t Tell Us About Immigration

Iowa’s electorate may be the first litmus test of American voters — but it is far from representative when it comes to immigration issues, according to a pro-immigration technology lobbying group.

Presidential hopefuls Monday were mobilizing their supporters into the final stretch of the Iowa caucuses, a crucial first step on the way to clinching a nomination from one of the major political parties. But the anti-immigration rhetoric that fired up voters in mostly white Iowa may not carry through to other states, Todd Schulte, president of FWD.us, told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” on Monday.

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