Fatal Attraction to Immigrate Leads to Fraud

Fatal Attraction to Immigrate Leads to Fraud
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There are more than 71,000 species of animals and plants, sharing a total of 20% wilderness of the world along with 7% renewable fresh water of the world, and when this abundance of natural resources and beauty is coupled with excellent conditions of living and better work opportunities, it makes Canada one of the best places in the world to live in.

The setback of living away from family and loved ones is compensated by the perks of living in a magnificent country Canada. The attraction created by this wonderful country is so much that some people take up illegal means to come here.

When the demand of a product increases too much, some people take advantage of the opportunity and start making fake products. There is a similar situation, when we talk about fraudulent activities in immigration.

There are many people who are very desperate to immigrate to Canada and when they show they ask an immigration agent to send them to Canada by hook or by crook, it often result in immigration fraud. Such desperation often leads people to create fake documents or misrepresent their financial status, so they can get approval from immigration authorities.

These people are of the belief that they can trick the visa granting agency. The fact is that such people are making life tough not only for themselves but also for other people who will apply for immigration in future.

As and when a person is caught because of misrepresentation of information, he or she may be barred from coming to Canada for a specified period of time or forever. Moreover, when such immigration fraud cases come to the notice it makes the process tough for future applicant.

First, you should not show desperation as everything is done in a timely manner. Plus, you should only take service of a trustworthy immigration consultant like Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS).

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