3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud

3 Ways To Find An Immigration Agent is a Fraud
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What do you do before you contact or consult an immigration agent for any reason?

When you pay anyone to provide a service to you, it is a good idea to check the credibility of that person or agent. Just like any other service industry, there are ethical and fraud people working in it.

Immigration service is not the one that you can judge through trial and error method. Instead of becoming a victim, you should do some search before you take the service of an immigration consultant. You can check out the WWICS reviews and get assurance of the genuine and ethical immigration service provided by this global immigration agent.


Here are few points that you should look for before you hire an immigration agent.

  • Any immigration agent who makes 100% guaranteed promise that you will definitely get approval is a fraud. Every applicant must prove that he or she is eligible to immigrate. The full and final decision lies with the immigration authority. No such WWICS complaints are received as only ethical means are followed there.


  • In some of WWICS complaints received, any immigration agent who encourages you to make false document or put false information on the application form is an unethical lawyer. It may look appealing to you, as it gives an impression that your chances of approval will increase. Even if you are granted visa based on the fraud activity, which is highly unlikely, than you may be caught in future. Once caught you will bring bad name not only to you but also to your home country.


  • You should stay away from any immigration agent who claims that they know a person inside the visa embassy and that they can get the results manipulated. Many scams have come up in the past where people have been robbed lakhs of rupees on the pretext that they will get assistance from an inside source. You can go through WWICS reviews and find that no such claims are made by this immigration agency.


We all dream to immigrate and settle in a new country. But, we should not commit fraud to do so. In only very rare case it may happen that an applicant is able to get through with manipulated information.

Let us take a look at one of the WWICS reviews left by one ex-client: “I really appreciate the team work of WWICS. The staff never made us any fake promises. They analyzed my data and guided me accordingly. My dream has come true. Thank you again and all the very best to WWICS”.


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