Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada

Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada
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Marriage Fraud for Immigration to Canada

The wonderful life style and ample amount of opportunities attracts numerous people to immigrate and settle in Canada. For those who are not able to immigrate to Canada through legal means resort to unlawful means.immigration One of the many tricks used by aspiring immigrants is to get married to a Canadian citizen.

Many people are of the belief that marrying a citizen of Canada will be easy ticket for them to immigrate to Canada. According to authorities, it is illegal to marry a permanent resident or Canadian citizen just for the purpose to get permanent residency of that country.

In numerous cases, a marriage of convenience is being arranged between a foreign applicant and a sponsor. The sole purpose of this common-law relationship or marriage is to let the aspirant settle down in Canada.

CIC is aware of these practices and it works to prevent such an arrangement and their officers are specifically trained to distinguish a real immigration applicant from a fake one. Some of the ways that are used by them to pin point a fake marriage include:

  • Checking the documents
  • In person visit to the home of applicants and sponsor
  • Conducting interview with both the sponsor and applicant.

Permanent residents or Canadian citizens who are involved in the activity of fake marriage to help out immigration process are charged with a crime when caught.

Many people resort to such activities even though they are aware of its pitfalls. It is highly recommended that no matter what are the reasons you should never take up activities that are illegal in terms of immigrating to Canada.

In case an applicant is caught than he or she may be banned from coming to Canada for 2 years. Moreover, this thing will be in the record of CIC forever.

The visa granting authority is aware that any marriage can fail, even a genuine one. But, in case you get involved in a marriage of convenience than a legal action can be taken against you as an immigrant and mostly likely you will be deported from Canada.

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) take up only legal means to immigrate people to Canada. In its entire tenure of operation it has provided service to thousands of people to immigrate to Canada.

In one of the WWICS Review    left by a past client, J Harikishan, who immigrated to Canada, it has been mentioned that, ‘I applied for Canada PR through WWICS and the process was very easy and smooth. WWICS people were reachable at any time and I was guided in many ways. WWICS made the process very smooth at each and every stage’.

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