Permanent Residency for New Zealand through Entrepreneur Visa

Permanent Residency for New Zealand through Entrepreneur Visa
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Businesspersons who are waiting for new areas to grow their business can invest in entrepreneur visa program run by New Zealand. As an entrepreneur you can settle in New Zealand by buying an existing business or by starting a new one. Permanent residence is granted to a new immigrant within a period of six months to two years.


When you apply for New Zealand immigration, you will be initially given visa for a period of 12 months, provided that the visa application is approved. This gives a new immigrant the opportunity to establish or invest in a new business in New Zealand.


A New Zealand visa is granted for a period of 24 months when the person satisfactorily proves that a business has been successfully established or an investment has been made.


What are requirements to get a visa application approved?


120 or more points are required to be obtained by an aspiring immigrant to get approved for New Zealand immigration. The number of points a person will obtain depends on how successfully a business has been established and how well it contributes towards the economy of New Zealand. You can check out WWICS reviews and find how many people have successfully received New Zealand visa.


You should be cautious when you apply for New Zealand entrepreneur visa through an unknown immigration consultant. Many WWICS complaints are received on how people are ditched by a fraud consultant. It is your hard earned money and no one has the right to steal it from you.


A fraud consultant will encourage you to create fake documents for the shortcoming you have in your profile. For example, a person who is not good in English will not be able to apply for New Zealand immigration. So instead of asking you to work on your English, a fraud consultant will encourage you to create fake documents.


These types of activities are never followed at this global resettlement service provider. Just check the WWICS reviews for the genuine service provided here. Contact one of the consultants at WWICS today and know how you can immigrate to New Zealand.


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